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your small vegetable deck garden is enough to produce vegetables and herbs well if you manage the space properly. these skinny deck gardening beds here have tomatoes, lettuces, basil, oregano, dill, chives, and flowers like zinnia, daisy, and marigold. 2. growing a vegetable garden on a deck

how to make a diy deck rail garden planter from a pallet

how to make a diy deck rail garden planter from a pallet. 11. you can paint the pallet garden planter to match the rail if desired. note: once in place, fill it with dirt and plant your flowers and or vegetable seeds. 12. here is the diy deck rail garden planter finished with beautiful flowers growing in it.

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and it is much easier to clean than my old deck tiles. the leaves and dirt dont seem to stick to it the same way as they did to the wood. most of the time the leaf blower takes care of anything that falls on it and if not, the hose does .

how to stain a deck to make it last - 4 big tips to success

2 power washing the deck how to stain a deck to last. if you want that stain or paint to last, then it is vital to start with a clean surface. that means prior to putting on that first brush stroke, your deck and porch patio needs a little tlc. and in this case, the c stands for cleaning.

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enjoy your patio or deck all the more with this aromatic garden. this fragrant garden includes dianthus, phlox, and nicotiana, along with a variety of other plants that enliven your yard from spring until fall. garden size: 22 by 6 feet. garden plans for decks and patios.

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with the right staking or caging, many veggies, like the beans or snow peas, can easily be grown in a container, and even corn will do well in a pot. some veggie plants do well in a hanging basket or can be grown in a frame tacked to the wall of the house. companion planting is another great deck vegetable garden idea.

how to lay garden decking in 9 simple steps decking hero

how to lay garden decking step 1: preparing the garden oversite. by now you should have completed all of your planning, step 2: building the deck frame. at this stage of the build, your build can go one of a number step 3: attaching the deck frame to a building. step 4: fixing your joists.

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how to build raised garden bed boxes growing vegetables in our driveway we wanted a deeper bed. planting on a warm, dry driveway will mean our soil will dry out quicker. deeper beds = more soil = more moisture for plants. we wanted a stronger bed . ana's beds from fence boards are cheaper, if you can make that work for you, go for it. but,

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after-work garden. when you work long days, it's great to be able to enjoy the yard at night. this garden is perfect for planting along your deck or patio because the light-colored flowers shimmer in the moonlight and many are fragrant when the sun goes down. garden size: 7 by 21 feet.

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on decks shaded by house walls or trees, plant hostas, caladiums, or lush ferns in pots. white impatiens sparkle in dappled light and bloom all summer long. small hydrangeas also look elegant in pots in light shade on patios. if the deck is on the west side of your house,

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garden design for a deck. the free-form beds include plants in a range of heights and foliage colors that helps maintain interest even when the flowers are not in bloom. most of the plants are suited to a wide range of growing conditions from usda growing zones 4 to 8.

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step-by-step: 14. if theres a big drop off the deck onto the garden, you can easily add a step. make up a framework wide enough to take two decking planks. if you want to face the vertical part of the step with decking, reduce the width of the frame by the thickness of the deck plank you are using.

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16 ways to squeeze a garden onto your deck or patio. starting a garden can be a challenge if your deck or patio is the size of a postage stamp. here are some clever, space-saving garden ideas where large backyards are not required. garden types outdoor rooms small space gardening patios decks, porches and patios container gardening.

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more tips and tricks for a vegetable garden on a deck watering. be sure your pots are within easy reach of your watering system. the beauty of a garden on a deck is that the water tap is generally quite near by. you wont have to worry about drip irrigation or soaker hoses.