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nautix grip :transparent non skid paint. ยท can be applied deck, wood, re-applies non-slip on all windsurf boards. get-prices. my latest board refurbs windsurfing seabreeze forums! my old circa 2000 jp fsw which the kids use had been looking a little sad and the non-slip had all worn off so i decided on a quick refurb.

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i've used "re deck" a couple times with varying success. product is sold at a lot of windsurfing shops but is pricey $30. i did two boards with one bottle last time. the finish did not last as long as i hoped and deck on one of the boards got slippery again. the other board did better. it is clear, so it goes right over decals etc and looks great.

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re-dek non-slip traction paint pack as a strht forward fix to the dreaded non slip wearing off your board. the re-dek pack comes with an 8 oz. bottle of resin, a roller applicator, a sponge and application instructions. there is enough to re-grip within the pack to redek the deck of a reasonable sized windsurf board, but if you have

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re-gripping a windsurfing board and other windsurfing discussion in the seabreeze general forums, page 1. forums windsurfing > general. just thin it down so its nice and runny and brush it on here's my last board with a non slip divinycell dust deck the main thing is too thoroughly clean the deck ," before you give me a red thumb do a