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how to build a deck using deck blocks hunker

step 1. position four deck blocks, one at each corner of the area you plan to cover with the deck. use a tape measure to check the spacing to ensure that the front and back sides and left and right sides are equally spaced. adjust the blocks as needed to make them equal. also measure from corner to corner diagonally, both ways.

using deck blocks to construct a deck

deck blocks are simple. to use deck blocks, level the places where the block will be placed. using a mason's string level, add or remove soil beneath the blocks until they are level from end to end. be sure to pack the earth before replacing the block after each adjustment. ready to build. deck blocks are ready to have the edge of a 2 x 6 placed into it.

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to ensure your initial exterior frame is perfectly square, measure diagonally from corner to corner. both of your measurements should be the same. also, place a large level on all corners to insure you are level before continuing to the interior supports. the extra effort up front will guarantee a level and secure deck in the end.

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in most regions of the country, that means securing support posts to the foundation with code-approved metal connectors, or having the ends of posts set on concrete deck blocks buried at least 12 inches below grade the top of the soil .

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they must have a sufficient bearing area the area of the block that sits on the earth and be a minimum of 12-inches below grade, or below the local frost depth. they cannot, however, be simply placed at grade level. the connection of the deck support post to the blocks is not consistently regulated throughout the country.

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build a floating deck step 1: tools. you don't need a shop full of tools to build a deck. step 2: foundation blocks layout. the main area of my deck is just a little bigger step 3: set blocks. the area where i was laying out the blocks was mostly level, which was nice. step 4: build frame. the

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advertisement. deck blocks must sit on a stable surface, typically comprised of compacted sand a few inches deep, and their tops must be perfectly level. using a laser level will ensure accuracy. basic models start in the $200 range, so if you dont want to spring for one, rent one for about $40 per day.

deck foundations

deck blocks. if you are in a high wind zone - and much of the continental united states, and parts of canada are - you must also install ground anchors with tie-down cables over the deck framing to make sure it won't achieve 'lift-off' in a worst-case scenario.

building a ground-level deck

an alternative to deck blocks is to use rectangular patio blocks, laid underneath the corners of the deck and at 4' to 6' intervals directly on the ground. though the deck blocks will give the deck more stability, if you are using 2'x8' or larger lumber for the frame the sheer weight will keep the deck in place through most everything but a direct hit by a tornado

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picture 7 and 8: to make a better bond between the concrete and the block, wet the block. use a trowel to fill the hole and slots in the deck block with concrete. push the 4×4 support cylinder, tape end first, into the concrete in the center of the deck block. picture 9: angle the steel base plate so it rests on the deck block, similar to picture 4.

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how to build a floating deck. leaving about 1/2-1 between the house and the deck for drainage, we marked where the edge of our joists should go. then, we toe nailed the 2x8x12 joists in place with an overhang of 2 on both sides and added end caps to the sides. we stopped our joists 16 short of the end of the beams to create the first step down.

using deck blocks to construct a deck

each block is design to support a wooden structure at the primary joints, acting in the same fashion as a poured concrete foundation. deck blocks are simple. to use deck blocks, level the places where the block will be placed. using a mason's string level, add or remove soil beneath the blocks until they are level from end to end.

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place the blocks and level them against each other and in both directions photo 1 , adding or scraping out gravel as needed. use construction adhesive between the 4-in.-thick blocks if you stack them, or use 8-in. blocks. if your site slopes so much that one side will be more than 2 ft. off the ground, support it on a 4×4 post on a frost footing insteaditll look better and be safer. set the beams across the floating deck blocks and square them to each other, using the same 1×4

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leveling the deck. high joists may require you to plane down the surface height of the joist to accommodate a level floor height. as the decking ties the frame together it should help correct most variations from joist to joist. the weight of the frame and the forces of gravity should correct most minor deviations.

how to build a floating deck

ground-level floating decks don't need footings, railings, or steps building an 8-by-10-foot floating deck. codes and regulations. project metrics. prepare the deck area. set the concrete blocks. build the deck frame. position the deck frame. check the blocks. install the deck boards.