how to begin with 2 meter high wooden deck

how to build a raised deck

use batterboards and masons string lines to lay out footing locations for a deck that is 24 feet long and 14 feet wide. attach a 2 x 12-inch ledger board to the house to establish the deck position. this deck structure is designed to be enclosed as a four-season porch in the near future.

how to build simple square decking: 10 steps with pictures

make sure that any humps in the wood are pointing up and that all the butt joints are tight. now you need to cut two lines of bridgers. mark the two outside internals at 4 feet 1.2 m and 8 feet 2.4 m . strike the two lines and screw or nail your noggins either side of the line.

how to stain a wood deck

once the wood has been sanded, it's best to start staining with the handrail or the highest part of the deck. that way, drips will not fall on finished stain work. make sure to get the edges and underside of the handrail. tip: if possible, choose a cloudy day with moderate temperatures to do your staining.

how to build a deck bunnings warehouse

step 2: measure and set out your deck with the planning phase complete, its time to set out your deck. this phase is crucial get your measurements wrong and your deck could end in disaster.

how to build a raised deck with wickes

if your deck is on a slope, start with corner where the deck is highest off the ground and mark on the post where the highest part of the frame will be.

estimate and build a deck in 7 easy steps dengarden

because our deck will measure 16 feet wide by 12 feet out from the house, we do not need any center support beams. the 2 x 10 x 12' floor joists placed 16 inches apart will give us plenty of support. the deck is secured to the house with a ledger board. the ledger is fastened directly to the joists or studs of the house.

framing and building a deck

once pieces of the deck begin to materialize, it will give you a physical mass to attach to and square against. it is usually best to start against the house because the ledger board offers a stationary surface and length to pull measurements from and to attach joists to.

how to build an elevated deck on uneven ground dengarden

we used four 2' x 10' boards here to make the steps. each is attached to the risers with 2 1/2' screws. the top step is 2' x 8'. tip: start the steps at the bottom. if you start at the top and work down, it's somewhat awkward using the drill due to spacial limitations from the stair above.

how to build a picture frame deck

a picture frame deck can make a decking project look much neater as it creates a frame around the edge of the deck so that no cut ends are visible. in this video a single frame is used but you can

how to fix your deck a to z

diycrew hrvdiy renovision follow us on a journey to restore an old ugly deck. we will show you how to achieve this amazing quality project and do it yourself while saving thousands of dollars

how do i build a deck

how do i build a deck? a deck can transform a dull backyard into a relaxing destination for your family and friends. and if youre feeling handy, you can do the job yourself without hiring an expensive contractor. learn how to: assemble all the tools, supplies, and timber youll need for the job.

how to build stairs for your deck the family handyman

start with accurate stair measurements using the stair formula. first determine the approximate height x fig. a . start by estimating where you think the last stair will fall by using a 40-degree slope photo 1 . rest a straight board on the deck and level over to that spot and measure down to the ground.

how to build a simple deck diy deck building this old

cut a 2-inch-wide, 1½-inch-thick treated wood spacer for every 2 feet of ledger length. align the top of each spacer with the chalk line and fasten with a 6d nail. align the ledger with the tops of the spacers and nail it to the wall at each spacer with a 16d nail.

how to build an 8 x10 deck for beginners

we begin with the layout,digging the holes,pouring concrete footers,2x8 framing,4x4support posts,joist hangers,lag screws,deck boards, stairs,railings,skirting and more. thanks for watching,craig