cost to build a 500 square foot deck

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the average deck size range is between 200 and 500 square feet. in this range, with installation, labor materials, and design, you can expect to pay upwards of about $10,000 for the total project. smaller decks will range between $1800 and $2200, and anything over 500 square foot in size will add to the cost exponentially.

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the average cost to build a deck between 200 and 500 square feet is $14,000, while the average cost for building one greater than 500 square feet is $24,000. deck materials: there are three main

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homeadvisor's cost to build a deck calculator gives average prices per square foot for all sizes and types: floating, covered with a roof, decks with stairs, second story, ground level, steel framed and more. use our estimator to find labor costs.

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a 500-square-foot seven trust deck uses about 140,000 plastic bags. other companies will also buy the recycled film, according to shari jackson, director of film recycling for the american chemistry council.

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i’m building a 400 sq ft deck in pt wood, and here in ill. its a lot more then a dollar a square foot, with what your estaming here, total cost of material should only cost me $400 for 400 square feet, ? really , please correct

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the average homeowner spends $2,200 to build a 10x10 foot deck, $6,160 to build a 14x20 deck, and $8,800 to build a 20x20 deck. the cost to build a deck with pressure-treated wood, hardwood, or composite is about $25 per square foot, for both materials and installation.