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jump over them, and begin the smack the door while it's open (notice the barrel of tnt under the cannon while the door is open?). do it enough times and the top deck will explode. but you're not finished yet. here's a small tip: run all the way to the right of the deck as far as you can go, right up against the door.

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it is better to get the pallets first and then construct the exact size of the deck than the other way around. you will need less sawing. 2. clean up and level the ground for the deck. depending on how long you want to use the easy pallet deck, put more or less work into this step.

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make and deck with practically no money and very easily how to make a deck from pallets projects for pennies. how to build a deck out of pallets! diy pallets deck projects! - duration: 17

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to make this easy on me just copy the whole level with the missing part; i.e. episode 4, part 3, you would just put in what you want to put in, and send me the level and i will fix it from there. make sure you tell me what you put in and what you did. this would be a lot easier on me so i would appreciate it if you could submit fixes.