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when choosing the laminate flooring ensure that the material is as dense as possible for good thermal conductivity. the denser the material, the better it transfers heat. also, the thinner the flooring material and the higher the density, the shorter the heat-up time and more responsive the underfloor system will be. floor temperature

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we are choosing between laminate and plastic flooring over water based underfloor heating (heat pipes laid in the screed floor over thick concrete). laminate floorings have a thermal resistance of app. 0.06 m^2k/w, plastics (for example classen neo) have halve of that or less.

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the thermal conductivity was measured by using the guarded hot plate method. the thermal conductivities differed according to the structure of the floorings. laminate wood flooring exhibited the highest thermal conductivity because of its high density and thin layers compared to the other floorings.

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choosing an insulated underlay for carpet or laminate/wooden floor underlayment can be a tricky decision but can offer great thermal options for maintaining heat insulation. does it even work or help with warmth? find out the shocking truth hereā€¦

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the reason why manufacturers use a thin layer of thermal paste is because of microscopic air bubbles between those two layers of metal. no matter how well machined, those two layers will not be perfectly smooth at the molecular level. thermal paste is a horrible thermal conductor compared to most metal, but it's much better than air.

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an introduction to thermal laminates page 06 recognise these factors and has developed the thermal laminate range. each system is a simple, effective solution to heat loss through floors, roofs and walls. by utilising a closed cell, extruded polystyrene (xps), thermal conductivity (cement fibre board): 0.30 w/mk plusdeck