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how to build a simple pergola. fill the bottom of each hole with 2 inches of pea gravel. set each landscaping timber into the hole and brace with 2-by-4-inch boards so that each timber is at a 90-degree angle to the ground. mix the cement mix in a wheelbarrow with a garden hoe according to the directions on the package.

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something eric has been wanting to do is build a pergola over the gate in the backyard. he wanted to make the area stand out more, so why not build a pergola. i liked the idea of course because the 4×4 post that was holding our gate before were not very sturdy. they would move the fence every time you opened or closed the gate.

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build your own pergola with these simple to follow diy pergola plans. plans include step-by-step illustrations, shopping list, and cutting list. building a pergola is a great project if you want to add a focal point to your backyard.

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regardless of cost, a simple pergola can provide subtle shade and help define an area in a garden. pine is typically a cost-effective lumber option, but you also can save money by building with salvaged or reclaimed lumber.

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if you have a quite large patio and find it quite tricky to cover it all with a huge pergola, this one shows you how to make it simple. you just need to build a small pergola to shade the seating area of the patio. since we mostly spend the time on our patio set, its such a good idea to just place a pergola on top of it.

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wood is the best material for building, and there also pergola kits of which you can easily build one. to paint it or to leave it as it is its up to you, make your choice and start building 15 handmade outdoor lights and lamps. 8 cool diy outdoor swings. 14 awesome diy outdoor planters.

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there are two pergola designs: both quite different in style, but each very simple to build. the first design uses trellis for the roof, so it can be built very quickly and easily. the second design has no notching at all, leaving only the rafter tail ends to be cut. you could have this wonderful pergola up in a jiffy pergola design 1

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build your own pergola. complete animated build video that shows step-by-step how to make a backyard pergola from rough sawn western red cedar. the pergola adds shade and beauty to a yard and can

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these pergola plans have a simple design, making it a simple project for just about anyone to build. this pergola will fit on a 10x10 base. if you need a different size, study the plans and modify it to any size you need. once you study the plans you can get a good idea of what is involved and you can build one to fit the area you need.

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this pergola looks very sturdy, so you will need thick wood to build it. the pieces of wood in the roof are very spaced out. this means that if you dont let the vegetation grow on the pergola, you will have no shade and you will reduce the purpose of the structure to a merely ornamental one.

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the simple and basic design also proves that building a pergola should not always be complicated. this pergola design is one of my favorites, and i like the fact that it can suit almost any backyard. the 8-foot square pergola will require materials like 2x8 beams, 6x6 posts, and concrete but the tutorial provides a more comprehensive list.

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some simple tools are all thats needed for the first part of this build. a circular saw, a handsaw, a large speed square, plus layout and marking tools. the posts. the posts are full dimension 6x6. this entire pergola is made from lumber supplied by my friend jay. he has a portable mill and is a meticulous and accurate sawyer.