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low cost, easy maintenance a patio can be created with many materials, but it's hard to beat one made from pavers for ease of installation and low maintenance. the initial cost may be higher than other options, but you'll save in the long run by not having to stain or seal it continuously.

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typical costs: generally, window cleaning costs $2-$7 per pane. for a 1,300-square foot home with 20 panes, the cost would run $40-$140. for a 2,200-square foot home with 28 panes, the price would average $56-$196. self-cleaning windows can be made easier with the proper tools.

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check with the local council first. if it's a large pergola, you may need to have a building permit and in some states only licensed builders can build a pergola. construction costs will differ depending on the size of the pergola. as a rough estimate, a timber pergola might cost $5000 after adding construction costs to the estimate.

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for your project in zip code 98104 with these options, the cost to power wash deck starts at $0.48-$0.59 per square foot. your actual price will depend on job size, conditions, finish options you choose.

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and easy to clean and we loved that we didnt need to drag our giant air compressor out onto the patio for staining a pergola. we used thompsons water seal stain/sealer in woodland cedar , and we love the rich cedar color.

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some people opt for a chiminea. this is a stand-alone fireplace with a conical shape topped by a chimney. made of metal or clay, they cost between $50.00 and $500.00. they stand around 5 feet high and are around 2 feet wide. return to top. pergolas. a pergola is similar to a gazebo except that while a gazebo is semi-enclosed, a pergola is open.

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a pergola can cost up to $ 2,700 per square metre depending on the site and the required materials. according to richard, a cheap pergola will cost around $20,000 while a mid-range pergola will cost around $35,000.

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according to homeadvisor, the average cost of a pergola is around $3,600, but you can get yours as low as $750 or as high as $9,150 . for an example of a budget-friendly pergola, heres one you can buy from jcpenney for $750 .