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i have a creek behind my house that has been eroding my back yard for the past 2 years. this part 2 video shows 2 weaknesses i had in my back yard. there was a slight slope in the center of the

prevent erosion in your yard

then topsoil erosion is likely a huge problem. ground deterioration can be caused by rainfall, ice melting, and wind all traveling down the incline in your yard. signs of erosion include exposed roots, gutted out areas on the lawn, or puddles or swampy sections. fortunately, there are several methods to prevent this from happening.

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improper garden edging techniques promote erosion of soil from your garden. proper edging is at a 45 degree angle, and only performed twice a year because every time you edge your garden, you

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5 ways to create a grass-free garden. "a soil covered with lawn or other plants is often required before a builder can sell because it stops erosion, and lawns can be established quickly

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when it comes to problem landscape solution ideas, there are several effective ways to prevent soil from washing away on sloped landscapes. if minor erosion is a problem for you, try one or more of the following techniques, all of which employ the use of “erosion-control plants:â€

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usually granite, the stone is imbedded into or spread loosely onto the slope. riprap slows and diverts flowing water. it is effective but can appear stark or harsh in some landscape designs. to soften the impact, you can plant the areas between the stones with a variety of ground covers or rock garden plants. terraces stair-step up the slope