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this video shows you how i built a temporary deck on my rv. we actually built three and i edited the final version. we built two 8x10 frames and put them together to get a deck size of 8x20. the

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quick easy deck for rv or backyard made a few modular decks for my in-laws rv. they are staying the winter here in texas and needed something for the rv so they would have a nice patio area to

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the original concept rv deck would incorporate fold-down furniture, adjustable legs, and collapsible rails. the original design also calls for a battery operated motor to stow and deploy the deck or also a pulley option was considered.

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build a cheap camping deck. cheap camping decks. build a cheap camping deck wood plasic composite. how to build a deck for your camper usa today . how to build a deck for your camper. travel tips .>> seasonal campsite 2015 on pinterest campsite, decks and campers. how fun for an outdoor deck pam - wrap the hoola hoop with brown craft

how to build a portable deck for rv - a super easy guide

low-profile decks are the best option for the convenience of transportation. some rvers like to elevate it a couple of feet from the grounds. it depends on personal preferences. follow these steps to learn how to build a portable deck for rv: 1. join boards. you can either purchase 2 x 4 boards 4-foot long or cut them in that size with a circular saw.

how to build a portable deck for rv - a super easy guide

read more: a quick guide on how to build a lightweight truck camper 3. assemble the deck. the last part is to put the blocks side by side across the length of your deck area. as they are separate blocks placed together, you need to find a way to make them stick with each other.

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step 8. get at least four other people to help you. put one person at each corner of the frame with stepladders and raise the frame into place. have one of the helpers insert the 6-inch bolts with washers through the holes in the beams and posts. fasten the bolts tightly to secure the frame to the posts.

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this video will show you how i built a huge deck for my rv using pallets. i found these pallets for free that were used to ship roofing materials; they were actually crates. the pallets are 10'x 3

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he wanted a custom rv deck design that had a modern design with high usability. he found a contractor that turned his vision into reality with a few specifications: the design had to meet the boards approval and be transportable. the deck needed to slide out and be stored easily while on the road.

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complete your deck frame. attach 2 x 6 boards to the inside of the corner posts. use at least two nails for each end of each board. trim the corner 4 x 4 posts flush with the connecting 2 x 6's. soak or roller on wood preservative on all of your 2 x 6 boards.

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this video shows clips of how we built a 8x22 deck. it was constructed in 2 sections one is 8x10 and the other is 8x12. it was done this way so we could move the deck when we have to more easily.

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how to build a portable deck for rv. step 1: select a suitable location and set up the deck base; you dont want the deck to wobble every time you use it so pick a flat surface or level the ground beforehand. after that, its time to deploy the base of the deck using concrete blocks. these block shall serve as a sturdy foundation to the deck above.

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unlike decks for a house, camper decks are lower to the ground and should be easy to move when it is time to relocate the camper. measure the area for the deck, ensuring you allow enough room for all your needs. cut four 2-by-4-inch boards to fit these measurements; you'll need two boards for the length and two for the width.

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34 stunning teardrop trailer rv camper model ideas to consider , whenever your camper is about to ship, make sure your camper is prepared for a timely pickup. pop-up campers were the same manner. because the camper . these rv deck design ideas are perfect for any make or model. learn how to design and build the best deck for your rv.

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we also wanted some sort of deck for the trailer so that we could reduce the dust and have a place to set stuff off of the ground. we ended up building a platform that killed two birds with one stone

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jan 7, 2015 - explore jacksonsmom01's board 'camper deck ideas' on pinterest. see more ideas about camper, remodeled campers and deck.

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how to build a porch or deck for your rv from how to build a porch or deck for your rv from visit. discover ideas about porch for camper. build a cedar deck for your rv. porch for camper travel trailer living travel trailers rv travel camper trailers rv campers happy campers rv makeover rv