grooves in timber decking

should decking grooves face up or down? build

there is a long-standing and surprisingly fiery debate on about whether the grooves (or reeds, as they're called) on a decking board are intended to be placed face up or face down. internet commenters have waged intense campaigns supporting one side or the other and decking installers can be found sitting in both camps.

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why decking grooves facing up is wrong? oleary and sons

mildew or algae on the other hand is a slippery substance that forms on surfaces including wood in damp and dark conditions. it’s this algae that you slip on, not the wood. reeded or ribbed decking creates more surface area for algae to start growing on, the grooves in effect provide a protected and shaded area for algae to develop in unhindered.

are your decking grooves facing the right way?

why grooves should go down. the grooves are meant to allow air to flow underneath the deck. this decreases the buildup of moisture. when there is less moisture, your deck is less likely to have a mould build-up. mould and moisture are two factors that seriously affect the longevity of timber decking.

tongue and groove roof decking - american wood council

timber tongue and groove decking is a specialty lum-ber product, constituting an important part of modern timber construction, that can be used for many applica-tions to provide an all wood appearance. nominal three and four inch decking is especially well adapted for use

structural decking - western wood products association

tongue & groove structural decking structural decking (also known as "roof decking") - should not be confused with lumber intended for residential and non-residential outdoor decks. standard structural decking patterns are 2" nominal, tongued and grooved (t&g) and 3" and 4" double t&g products, available with vee or eased edges, to meet

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