cheapest ways to do patio pergola

the cheapest way to shade your patio from the summer sun

we have a number of affordable ways to create shade for your patio. sail shade canopy. if this is not the easiest and cheapest way to shade your patio, then we dont know what is. its the kind of thing you do during your free time with little or no help at all. in fact, youre likely not to spend a penny on this one.

cheap ways to enclose a patio

cheap ways to enclose a patio. patios are for outdoor dining, entertaining and relaxing, but they can get uncomfortable if exposed to direct sunlight without any shade. a plain cement slab patio can seem boring and unattractive without some other design treatment. you can make your patio more comfortable and attractive with an inexpensive enclosure.

inexpensive ways to cover your pergola

if you are hesitant about covering your pergola because of worries about expenses, keep in mind that you can add a cover to your structure without spending a lot of money. here is a look at a few inexpensive ways to cover your pergola: add plants. you can give your pergola a natural look by adding plants.

the secrets to building a beautiful pergola without

header boards your pergola will need a set of double-header boards that attach to each side of the post and are secured by 10 bolts. we use 2 x 8 or 2 x 10s for our header boards they add strength and a great look to the piece.

5 diy shade ideas for your deck or patio hgtv's

add these to your to-do list, and spend your spring and summer made in the shade. you can even pretty up your patio with a pergola and it doesn't have to break your budget. grab a of couple handy friends and make this simple wood structure in just a few days. get your patio ready for guests with these easy, wallet-friendly diys.

what kind of waterproof covers can be used to cover pergolas?

if you need the pergola to be covered only temporarily -- or the other options are too cost-prohibitive -- another option is to cover the area with a tarp. hook rubber tie downs or fabric straps to the corners of the tarp, and then secure the other end to a horizontal or vertical beam on the pergola.

13 creative ways to cover your patio hunker

a wide-slat pergola is the best way to go whenever there's a bit of distance between the patio area and your house. we love the way brookes hill custom builders incorporated beautiful pendant lighting into this pergola, sure to create a bewitching ambience perfect for those summer soirees .

20 diy pergolas with free plans that you can make this

this pergola is a bit larger than traditional sized ones and it is fabulous. if you want room to add your outdoor kitchen and patio set, this is definitely the diy pergola that you want to check out. its still a pretty simple build and you can still have this one finished in a weekend.

7 easy to make diy outdoor pergolas

to paint it or to leave it as it is its up to you, make your choice and start building 15 handmade outdoor lights and lamps. 8 cool diy outdoor swings. 14 awesome diy outdoor planters. 10 pretty diy outdoor furniture pieces to enliven your patio. 25 awesome handmade outdoor fountains. 7 easy to make diy outdoor pergolas.

what kind of waterproof covers can be used to cover pergolas?

4 cheap ways to enclose a patio; your pergola adds an interesting element to your outdoor space, but unlike a more formal porch, it doesn't do much to keep you out of the rain. retrieved from

how to shade your deck or patio with a diy awning family

learn about shade solutions for your deck or patio, from large canopies and a patio awning to a diy awning and shade alternatives and inexpensive partial sun blockers. keep your deck cooler and screen out harmful ultraviolet rays.

how to diy a screened-in patio for only $500 photos

one of the biggest payoffs of tackling a home improvement project yourself is seeing all the cash you save. take this diy project by reddit user tyfighter22 for example. tyfighter22 shows us how to diy a screened-in patio for only $500, which depending on where you live could cost a couple of thousand dollars to have done professionally.