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pergola footings installation for the perfect pergola design

pergola footings. with such a wide variance in weather and terrain conditions, the best way to really make sure that you are digging to the right depth for your soil and height of construction is to ask the people who know your area. you will have to visit your local building office anyway - before you buy your pergola lumber or pergola kit -

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adding flowers and perennials to your outdoor entertaining space creates a lively ambiance and dresses up your deck and pergola with a natural style to compliment the wood frame. add some all-weather drapes to bundle in on days that otherwise would be too breezy to enjoy. how you use your yard is up to you, but we sayuse it

what could a pergola do for you?

whether a pergola has a full top or an open top, furniture and items placed in the pergola are better shaded from the elements than they would be with no top at all. this can help keep patio furniture in good condition and can prolong the life of outdoor toys, games, fixtures, and other items.

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free-standing design element. you can also dress up a pergola by hanging planters or other design elements from the rafters. draping all-weather fabrics from one vertical post to another adds a soft flowing effect and a romantic appeal to your landscape while providing even more protection from the elements, a definite advantage over an open patio.

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abba patio square butterfly gazebo, 12 x 12 ft. this gazebo boasts a 1212 size and features a unique and eye-catching butterfly design that is sure to make it the focal point of your backyard. the canvas top is made of durable uv- and weather-resistant polyester outdoor fabric.

how to stain and seal a wood pergola

how to stain and seal a wood pergola. the rafters on this wood pergola will be a natural stain sikkens proluxe, available at our local paint store , and the frame of the pergola will be matte semi-transparent black. use a 4 brush and, keeping a wet edge, brush your stain evenly onto the lumber.

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spring is coming. nothing is better than planting something in your garden to enjoy this warm weather. if you want to do garden work well, then you need some clever garden tips and tricks. a garden trellis is an excellent way to support plants and flowers while adding structure and decorative flair to your landscape.

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a pergola, or arbor, is a great addition to any home. it can add some real character to your backyard, creating a pleasant, shady space to relax.

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say 'i do' without the sweat: wedding pros share how they beat the heat as the planet loses mild weather days because of climate change, wedding professionals are devising creative ways to keep

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anyone whos been down here knows that the weather can get wet and windy. its the price we pay for living in such a beautiful state. when choosing a pergola, you want to make sure that it can handle the climate. thats why we prefer rot resistant cedar or pressure treated pine lumber for our pergolas.

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3 reasons you should consider a pergola

a pergola extends your living space and increases the amount of time you can spend outside. designed and oriented correctly on your lot, a pergola can cast enough light shade to make even a warm afternoon enjoyable or if you still need additional protection, you can install a retractable shade cover for more shade.

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a pergola is a wonderful garden structure which can change the look of the facade of your home by bringing with it a mediteranean flavour and can change the way you use your outdoor living space. your pergola building plan should be of a style that reflects the type of home you live in. the more simple designs better suit more modern urban homes.

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we do charge £50.00 for this service - however, if you do decide to go ahead and order the pergola this charge will be rebated back to you in the form of a £50.00 discount from the total price. if you decide that you do not want to place an order - the drawings are yours to keep and you can take them to another timber supplier if you are

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and if you want a waterproof pergola, but are not comfortable with vinyl, them fiberglass composite is the way to go. another big advantage of fiberglass is that it comes in any color you can imagine. we will paint your fiberglass pergola in any color you want for only $249.