how to water proofing precast parking deck for occupancy

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our production facility allows us to simultaneously make all precast components that are required for a parking structure. this eliminates delays to the jobsite and offers a quicker delivery to the site once the project is awarded. our wide selection of precast finishes gives the architect an opportunity to accent their project.

waterproofing a precast garage deck for occupancy below

i've got a project where a precast double tee parking garage is intended to serve as a "roof" over an occupied space below. the question i have is how to properly detail the deck to be waterproof.

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precast parking structures. hycrete waterproofing admixtures can also be used in precast parking structures to protect against water ingress or corrosion within the precast element. with hycrete products, you can provide waterproofing and corrosion inhibition with one process, and without the need for recoating.

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while keeping a garage perfectly dry is an impossible task, through thoughtful product selection, the degree to which moisture can penetrate the parking deck can be limited. for existing parking structures, numerous waterproofing agents that can be applied to the deck’s surface are available.

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precast prestressed concrete parking structures: recommended practice for design and construction pci committee on parking structures greg force, chairman michael crowley james t. engle gregory b. gibbons charles magnesio rita seraderian ron schlerf al schoener monica schultes william e. whitcher pci committee on parking marketing & promotion