is pressure treated wood good for pergola

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abrams constructs a garden gateway, complemented by a pergola and a trellis, out of pressure-treated pine. also: how to join wood segments together with splines to form an archway.

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making wood furniture look its best. dangers of pressure-treated wood caring for painted wood is essentially the same as caring for oiled wood. a mild cleaning now and then is a good thing

best material for pergolas: pressure treated wood, vinyl

pressure treated wood pergolas. the greatest number of color options paired with the most budget-friendly price — it’s easy to see why pressure treated wood is one of the best pergola materials on the market. able to be stained or painted, wood pergolas can complete an elegantly simple rustic design — or stand out as a bold accent piece.

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the best fence for your home. by tatiana morales use pressure-treated wood and stain after three to six months. maintenance-free, good for pet control, graffiti resistant.

wood pergola & gazebo - selecting the right wood for your

you can build a pergola or a gazebo with essentially any wood you'd like, but these four primary types are the best options for a professional-quality structure. wood types for pergola and gazebo. pressure treated wood - budget choice for constructions with lower demands on appearance

when building an outdoor structure, should i use pressure

i am building a pergola (~10'x10') on my patio (and plan to build a gazebo out in the yard), but before i build it, i want to make sure i'm using the best option for lumber. should i use pressure-treated lumber in such an application? or is something like cedar better? is there another alternative i should consider?