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update for 2018: consumer reports deck stain ratings. leave us a comment below. the consumer reports is the publication of the consumers union. many consumers use the publication when making a buying decision. after all, it publishes the ratings of other consumers who have bought the same products.

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all hands on deck. directions for staining your deck may vary by stain type and manufacturer, and instructions on the can will tell you the drying time needed. working steadily, apply a thin coat with a brush or roller. dont stop in the middle of a board, or let puddles formthe excess stain will dry on top of the wood and flake off.

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most of the consumer reports claim behr as the number one stain followed by thompsons water seal. but ironically most any professional in the deck staining industry will tell you these stains are inferior and they do not use them. behr has been in many lawsuits with homeowners over premature failure of their deck stains.

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deck stains are best when you want the wood's grain to show. olympic maximum solid stain and sealant in one est. $40 per gallon earns slightly lower scores in consumer reports' testing, but still maintains a very good in appearance after the equivalent of three years' outdoor deck exposure. like behr deck plus,

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wood stain primer. if you'll be pressure-washing a newer wood deck, read instructions before starting and cover adjacent landscaping with plastic sheeting. the pressure needed is typically 1,500 pounds per square inch; a wide-angle spray tip of 25 to 40 degrees creates a relatively wide spray that protects the wood.

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consumer reports best semi transparent deck stain - if you are looking at including a deck to your home or replacing your older one, then you have to learn about composite decking material. beautiful decking is one of the best things that you can do to help your house.

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staining a deck or fence is a perfectly doable diy project. that doesn't mean you want to do it more than necessary. if you want to avoid repeating the chore every year, you're going to want a long-lasting stain. consumer reports tested 28 solid, semi-transparent, and clear wood stains to find which ones last the longest.

best and worst wood stains

in this review of the best wood stains, consumer reports says if you want to avoid repeating the chore every year, use a wood stain that scores well in our tests.

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consumer reports has you covered. it just tested 29 deck stains. it just tested 29 deck stains. to find out which stains last the longest, testers apply them to wood panels.

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consumer reports just tested 29 deck stains, including one that claims he don't have to wait between washing and staining. a brand-new deck looks a great, but to keep it looking that way requires upkeep.