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beam me down. falling beams are dangerously heavy, so remove them a section at a time--when you have cut away joists past a supporting post, remove that section of beam. the rest of the beam will be anchored by the remaining deck, and the small section of beam you are removing will be a more manageable size.

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remove it yourself. from there, remove your decks legs and feet. most decks have concrete feet that are relatively easy to remove from the ground with a shovel and some muscle. if your decks concrete footings are too difficult to remove by hand, utilize a bobcat, backhoe, truck, quad, tractor, etc. to get the job done.

how do i correct free-standing deck moving away from home?

the deck has been up for about 7 years, but recently it is begun to move away from the house a bit, by about an inch or two. the board underneath my glass sliding door that was there before the deck was installed and that i nailed onto is now pulling away with my deck.

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the deck isn't pulling away from the house so much as leaning away from the house. it's tight at the bottom and separating at the top. it looks like the reason for that is the outside posts rest on a patio that is settling. if you look at the third picture, you can see a wedge-shaped gap between the concrete patio and the step at the patio door.

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deck ledgers are beams. at the other end of the deck away from the house, the builder often places another beam under the joists or in the same plane of the deck joists. the deck ledger board at the house often carries 50 percent or slightly less of the combined weight of the deck structure, any furniture on the deck and any people who are standing,

how to keep bats away from pool, house, or porch

how to keep bats away from your house - by far the best method is to make sure that all bat entry holes are sealed shut. a simple caulk or hardening foam will do the trick. seal any gaps as small as 3/8 inch thick. how to keep bats away from your pool - there is no solution here, other than to install a screened-in enclosure around the pool.

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the ledger board. holds up the end of the deck thats against the house. if the ledger isnt well fastened, the deck can simply fall off the house. a building inspector we talked with said the most common problem with diy decks is ledger boards not properly fastened to the house.

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this video was made in response to a question someone e-mailed me about how they could repair a sloping or uneven deck. they can actually be done relatively easy with the correct sized jack and

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sloping your deck. this slope is small enough to escape detection by the naked eye, but enough to force water away from the house. in order to do this you will have to trim the structural posts by a small amount to tilt the frame slightly in the proper direction. your footings will probably sink a little bit too which will add to the slope.

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second, you can convert the deck into a free-standing one. to do that, you need provide appropriate support on the ledger side you say you added supports - do you have enough of them and are they on proper footings , and you will need to provide diagonal support so the deck cannot move away from the house.

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ensure you have adequate slope away from your home and porch to direct water away from it. if you have water issues, consider installing french drains, ensure your down spouts empty at least 10 feet from your porch, and add channels for water using crushed stone.

what should i do about the gap between my house and the

what should i do about the gap between my concrete patio and the house? i just bought a new house in southern california. on the back patio, there is a 3/4 inch piece of wood that separates the concrete patio from the house itself.

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when something starts moving after a hundred years it is almost certainly something recent that is causing it. the cause may be with foundation failure, i.e. the stones or concrete beneath the ground holding up the porch, superstructure failure i.e rotting of posts, beams, house structure, etc., overloading of the porch with heavy items, etc. finding the cause is key to a solution.

what should i do about the gap between my house and the

one method of avoiding serious termite infestations is being able to visually inspect all the way around the edge of the house. filling in that gap prevents you from doing so and provides a hidden path for termites to enter the house, made worse by being filled with i assume untreated wood that termites can use for food on the way into your house.

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my house was built in the early 1900s and there is a good bit of sag in my floors including the joists supporting the facade. the fireplace is actually an original gas fireplace and not a traditional wood burning fireplace. the top of the facade has pulled away somewhere between one to two inches at the widest part of the gap from

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if you have odor, lawn damage and upturned plants caused by skunks near the house, chances are youd like to remove skunks. the following information is going to become your helping hand in finding the best methods to remove skunks.

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the ground around the house does sits up on ground and sloops away to the end of the house part.. they did put a french drain around the house and a drain in the basement floor and goes out in to yard comes out way down the yard theres no cracks in the walls and floor the water comes up at the seam of the floor and walls meet