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how do i get past the blocked areas with fences or statues

when you reach 2nd generation you will be able to go through the wooden fences immediately, your character claiming that it can "go through small areas that grownups can't". as for the statues, they each have some sort of task appointed to them. when you do that task they will dissapear, and you may also get an item.

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if you are planning to build a wooden fence for privacy reasons you can do so in one weekend. all you have to do is grab a friend, follow some instructions and you’ll be on your way to building a great gate for your wooden fence. you can buy either treated wood or raw wood. treated wood will have

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the fence is just a fenced-off area, do with the area inside the fence what you will. - plant some flowers. hybrid storage, maybe? this'll keep villagers from moving in on top of your hybrids! - put some cool patterns on the ground to add a need aesthetic touch! maybe a dance floor?

build a wooden fence and gate: 14 steps (with pictures)

about: i got an old sewing machine when i was just a kid, and i've been hooked on making stuff ever since. my name is sam and i'm a community manager here at instructables. more about seamster this instructable covers how i built a simple wooden fence with locking gate

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a well-maintained gate, on the other hand, can be welcoming and give passers-by a great impression of the house beyond. if you want to upgrade the wooden gate in a privacy fence, or some other kind of wooden security fence, you can learn how to plan out the job properly, build the thing quickly, and finish it off securely.

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video description - how to build a single or double wood gate in minutes by using the gforce wood gate hinge, also the new infinity wood gate hinge for either inside or outside the post wood gate

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fence calculator is a free utility that is used to derive an estimated minimum cost for fencing any given size of land delimited in plots, and