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shoring systems. if your project is a single story elevated concrete deck or is a sixty story high rise, we have the right system for you. your project may have a shoring height of 8 foot or 80 feet, or a slab thickness of 8 inches or 8 feet, dont worry, we have you supported.

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a deck must be designed to support the same design loads as the house, as specified by the governing building code. in general, this means that the deck must have capacity to safely support uniform live load of 40 pounds per square foot psf on the entire deck surface.

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concrete needs to have a proportionate depth in relation to its width and length, so at 50x50 you may be overbuilding for a deck. also, spanning the 3 metres without support in the middle may lead to a fair bit of bounce. plus you'll probably be handling huge planks to make it like that. i build decks out of 4x2 sections, with plenty of sub frames.

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the growth in homes with concrete walls is a second factor because these walls provide adequate support for the heavier concrete floor without extra measures.many of the floor systems used are adapted from commercial construction. however, some newer systems have been developed with lighter residential construction in mind.

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when to use above-ground concrete piers on decks by mariah elaine it's important to check with local building codes to determine if and how the precast piers can be used to support your deck. the weight of the deck and soil conditions must also be considered to determine whether above-ground piers are suitable supports.

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one of the most difficult parts of building any deck is digging holes, mixing concrete and pouring footings for the posts. dekblok from supreme concrete eliminates all these steps saving both time and money dekpost dekpost is the ideal solution for uneven or unstable ground. their short length mean they are lightweight, easy to handle

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deck footers, or support piers, are concrete forms placed below the frost line in the ground to support the deck so it doesnt sink into the ground. there are multiple ways to make a deck footer

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joist supports and decking pedestals that fit together with joists like lego. imagine joist supports and pedestals that create a substructure along with a specially-made subframe and joists, that are like lego to put together. installation of a composite deck would be much simpler to install than wood, plus a lot easier to maintain.

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our systems can be used to provide a thin and relatively lightweight concrete balcony deck which can then be waterproofed and tiled. suitable tiles, if this is the finishing route to be taken, can include ceramic, stone, porcelain, etc.

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whats the best type of concrete deck blocks? that means securing support posts to the foundation with code-approved metal connectors, or having the ends of posts set on concrete deck blocks buried at least 12 inches below grade the top of the soil . here are your options: precast concrete deck blocks are popular for building decks. some

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deck blocks are specially constructed portable foundations, generally made from poured concrete. to support a wooden deck, deck blocks are quick and easy alternative to digging footings. each block is design to support a wooden structure at the primary joints, acting in the same fashion as a poured concrete foundation.

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dear sir/madam my town home has a flat roof deck . i want to have a metal plate underneath the deck frame with appropriate columns adjacent or inside my home all down to the ground or concrete slab to support little-pool or jacuzzi, an outside kitchen etc total weight can go to 5000-8000 lb.