what size pergola do i need

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at amazing pergolas, our customer service professionals increasingly encounter customers pondering, what size pergola do i need? accustomed to box store fare, most assume standard sizing in

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your diy pergola makes everything even cooler: part 2. this determined how tall our pergola would be. adam used a chainsaw to cut the top of the pergola posts to the right height. the pergola measures about 9 tall. next, we used these 6×6 flat t-straps to join the pergola posts to the 6×6 crossbeams.

what size pergola do i need?

how do you determine your pergola sizing needs? pergola dimensions will mirror your patio size. patio and pergola sizing factors. to determine your finished patio, and ultimately, pergola size, a variety of factors come into play: yard size, how you plan to use your outdoor living space dining, cooking, sunbathing, etc. , and furnishings.

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what size should the pergola be? there are a few of measurements you need to consider when building a pergola: the outside post dimensions; the overall size of the pergola, including the shade canopy/overhang; the height; we wanted a big pergola for our large patio, so we went with the 15x15 big kahuna model from pergola depot. those dimensions refer to the overall size of the pergola, basically the dimensions of the canopy.

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the size of your pergola will determine a number of things; the overall weight of the structure, how much support it will require and how much youll need to spend on materials. the bigger the pergola is, the more work will be involved in construction and the more it will cost, so keep the budget in mind when planning.

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they do not alter your homes structure. their posts do not penetrate deep into the ground if they are not secured above ground. they are usually located in the back or side yard, with front yard versions that are smaller and placed over a front entrance gate. therefore, a pergola does not usually require a building permit.

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a good size for a bistro patio is about 6 to 7 feet in diameter. when it comes to stamp pattern choices, smaller is usually better. consider using cobblestone or brick versus large field stone or slate patterns.

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buy your patio furniture first and arrange it where your patio will be. use the space for a week or two, taking note of where people walk and the best spacing for the furniture. the size of your patio should be large enough to accommodate the furniture. don't forget walk around space. add an extra 2-3 feet of paving around your patio furniture.

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a creative roof treatment by one of our customers. 35 x 13 custom pergola in california redwood with 10 and 11 post heights. photo courtesy of d. d. of ca.

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read our pergola size guide to find the right pergola size for your home and to start shopping today. small to medium sized decks: around 12x16 feet; large decks: around 16x24 feet; backyard free standing pergola: 12x16 or 16x20; small patio: around 12x12 feet; why pergola sizes and dimensions are important for planning

advise need on timber size and span for diy pergola

advise need on timber size and span for diy pergola hi everyone, i am looking into building a timber pergola attached to the house, all with treated pine. the area is 6m x 5m. the 6m will be attached to my brick house. my plan was to have 3 post 100x100 h4 3m apart.