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all of this sets up a scenario where the deck in its entirety is at a higher risk of lifting up in a severe wind storm. so if you use blocks you will have to tie and anchor the structure down to the deck. now, you can certainly build a surface mounted pergola or gazebo on a deck - which is securely anchored to the ground.

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attached pergola to roof. if you are going to build a pergola at your yard, as like your back yard and the goal is to extend the area of your house inside to the yard, then, you can have a try to attach pergola to roof of the main building of your house.

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how to secure gazebo 10' x 10' to a deck? i have a gazebo that appears to have been designed to sit on a lawn as it came with spikes that go through holes at the bottom of the 4 corner columns - and the holes themselves are fairly small in size. i am going to be putting the gazebo on my deck - so i'm wondering if anyone has any tips

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seadogstat 65. we've anchored our to the deck and got 3 years out of the frame before a hurricane damaged it with high winds and bent the frame. but those corners had an l shape with a cross piece for drilling. can't see the legs of that gazebo and if they are posts, l shaped or what they are made of.

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how to attach a beam to a post for a deck cottage life jason walks you through how to correctly attach a beam to a post when you're building a deck. check out decks, docks and gazebos on

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how do you attach a gazebo to the deck with no damage to the deck? we were looking for a solution that will hold down the gazebo we built without damaging the deck. that's when i thought about all the beautiful pots i saw earlier in the week at tuesday morning.

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a deck addition became an outdoor suite with the addition of this gazebo. the structure's shingled roof traps out sunlight and supports a ceiling fan , but the true beauty of this gazebo lies in the details that complement the exterior's traditional architecture, from the spandrels and supporting brackets to turned balusters below.

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post a , then attach base slice q to post a by screw aa and flat washer bb . fig.2: insert long side right beam pipe into left beam, then attach long side right beam b2 to long side left beam b1 by bolt dd ,flat washer bb and nut ee . the same way for short beam fig.3: attach beam to post a

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unpacked and assembled, the gazebo looked very attractive sitting on the deck. there simply remained the matter of attaching it. at the bottom of each of the gazebos legs was a square, flat plate. each plate had been thoughtfully furnished with several screw holes. so, this should have been an easy procedure.

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attaching roof posts to existing deck i've searched everywhere and i can't seem to find a definitive answer on this. i want to build a roof over our deck and i'm wondering the best way to attach the support posts to the existing decking structure.

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thanks for the post on how to mounting pergolas to any surface my wife and i are looking to upgrade our patio area before we sell the home and this is something that we needed we have no idea that you could anchor them into the ground like that.

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when attaching a gazebo to your deck you need to see how it will affect your landscape design. you must pick the right color scheme so the new structure gives your home a unified look. to do this paint or stain your railing the same color as your homes woodwork.

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a deck addition became an outdoor suite with the addition of this gazebo. gazebo addition close to home great idea to attach to deck, but forget that weird thing on top. gazebo addition close to home this design proves that you can build a gazebo close to your house if you use similar materials, colors, and details on both structures.