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floorspan calculator. our precast concrete hollowcore and beam and block floorspan calculator provided below is to be used as a guide only. please contact us is you require specific information regarding your project. looking for a quotation? our dedicated sales and estimating team are on hand to answer any of your queries.

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the traditional beam and block flooring system involves laying precast, prestressed concrete floor beams across or between walls which are then infilled with concrete blocks. fp mccann manufactures 150mm deep concrete floor beams, which come in two widths 110mm and 168mm, and spans of up to 7 metres can be achieved, depending on loading

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we should say from the start that these beam and block load span tables are given as a guide only, and allowances should be made for point loads and partitions supported by the floor. prestressed i beam design information. the first table relates to the i beams.

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after the beam and block floor is installed, it acts as a safe and secure platform for the rest of the build. a concrete floor is not adversely affected by wet or cold weather so it provides a platform for building in the winter months. after screed is applied, the floor is ready for use and for follow-on trades.

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beam and block floor specifications 1. description: precast concrete beam and block floor units designed provide structural suspended floors to domestic, residential, commercial, retail and industrial buildings. 2. materials: all materials are sourced in accordance with the appropriate british standard and in accordance with the acp performance specifications.

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beam and block flooring by cbs precast provides a cost effective and easily installed precast concrete flooring system. it can be used on both ground and upper floors, subject to building regulations and are available in 150mm and 225mm depths.

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why concrete floor beams? beam and block ooring is a highly practical solution for ground and upper oors, quick and easy to install in all weather conditions without the need for special skills; immediately creates a safe, level working platform we offer design and quotation service, available to assist with technical specifications

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benefits of concrete beam and block floor systems. beam and block flooring is renowned for being fast, cheap and simple to install, requiring no special constructions skills and is the cheapest way to build a highly durable and solid floor. varying the concrete beam centres during construction offers a quick and economical solution for a wide

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advantages of block and beam: rigid construction. a block and beam floor eliminates the bounce associated with timber floors. shrinkage is minimal and block and beam floors do not creak in use. sound. noise within homes is a source of concern to home owners. block and beam concrete floors, used for years in the construction of flats, are now

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our beam and block flooring provides a robust, cost-effective solution. it is suitable for use on both ground floors and upper floors on all types of construction. for more information on our beam and block floors or our concrete beams, visit our website.

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the beam and block floor department was established in 2010, breaking into both the residential and commercial property markets by offering a great range of products plus a comprehensive flooring quotation package, from design advice and preparation of construction drawings through to delivery to site and even installation if required.

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beam and block floors. precast concrete beam and block is the rapid solution to high quality, economical concrete floor construction. concrete beam and block floors are constructed using prestressed concrete beams supporting standard concrete blocks spanning between t beams.

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design information for acp concrete precast beam and block including specification, health and safety data, section drawings and product brochures. 01900

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beams 4 u is a london-based specialist of beam and block flooring for the construction industry. we design, manufacture and supply customised beam and blocks throughout the united kingdom. we are a provider of high-quality concrete beam, blocks and flooring services tailored to your requirements at a reasonable cost.

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even more common, however, is the use of beam and block for the oversite and potentially intermediate floors, too. what is beam and block? the system comprises a series of inverted t-beams made of pre-stressed concrete, which look remarkably similar to train rails in profile.