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stir in cream cheese and ranch dressing, stirring until well blended and warm. mix in half of the shredded cheese, and transfer the mixture to a slow cooker. sprinkle the remaining cheese over the top, cover, and cook on low setting until hot and bubbly. (can also put in a shallow casserole or pie dish in the oven as an alternative to the slow

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before we jump into where to find some orichalcum , let's cover the other materials first. both the lucid crystal and pulsing crystal can be crafted via the synthesis menu (unlocked upon

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you can also forgo the cherries altogether, if you prefer; clafoutis is the perfect showcase for any fruit you have on hand (even grapes!) or particularly love.technically, you would call clafoutis made with fruit other than cherries flaugnarde, but almost no one does.if you find yourself wanting to get even more creative, savory clafoutis is a natural evolution, but here are some delicious

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what determines how great a hero truly is? is it the number of battles that he wins? the times that he has saved the world? his personality? his go

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do-it-yourself pergola covers by ruth de jauregui to increase the livability of your patio or deck, a cover can help block the sun's rays or the occasional rainstorm. credit: inna felker/istock/getty images. a poolside pergola with rafters. keep it green. a green roof of grapes, passionflowers or other quickly growing vines requires only

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for christmas i want to buy my mom all the supplies she needs to easily grow grape vines on her new pergola mostly for aesthetic but would like seedless grapes that can be harvested for jam/jelly. she has never grown grapes before (either have i), and have a few questions.

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yet none of this is necessary for the home gardener. ideally they’d consider a grape vines to be an ornamental climbing plant that can decorate a pergola or an arbor and that can also, at the end of the season, produce an excellent crop of delicious grapes.

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if you want to create more shade for your pergola or arbor, consider planting a fast-growing vine. consult this list of the best and most beautiful. best vines to grow on pergolas and arbors. by lisa hallett taylor. updated 10/17/19. grapes are purple, green, black, or combinations of these colors.