guardrail bottomless feed bunks

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steel feed bunks ("bottomless" bunks are below) back to ecwasp home. the stackable heavy duty all steel bunks are constructed with 12ga. steel pans. 1.9" od schedule 40 pipe is used to form the four looped legs and also to form the side rails. four cross braces are placed underneath to brace the leg and the bottom of the bunk.

guardrail bottomless bunks & windbreaks dickinson, nd

guardrail bottomless bunks & windbreaks both are made out of guardrail and drill stem pipe. both bunks and panels are 27 ft long. windbreak panels are free standing and will not blow away like most other windbreak panels. stand about 6 1/2 to 7 ft tall. guardrail is galvinized so will last you a life time and are very durable.

feedbunks common sense

4'x20' bottomless feedbunk. like our other products, this feed bunk is very heavy duty. it also has a much larger capacity than most bunks and works great for high roughage rations and bale processors. this size bunk works well with cows, bulls and other large animals. per sdsu recommendations, this bunk is rated for 18-20 head.

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bottomless feed bunks for sale 4 feet wide, 24 feet long and 1/8 inch or 12 gauge thickness by 20 inch sheet metal, has 2 7/8s pipe for the frame. brace pipes are lowered so the feed wagon spout cant. livestock equip. - new salem, nd. watch $650. double j. 04:07:33.

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used feed racks/bunks. buy used feed racks/bunks at auction - bigiron auctions has various makes and models of feed racks/bunks for sale throughout the us so that you can find the right feed racks/bunks at the right price. we are auctioning off feed racks/bunks every month and we are always getting more lined up for future auctions.