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alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? michigan

the coosa is lighter than plywood. what thickness does anyone suspect that our floor is? it's a '94 starcraft pikemaster 16'. the plan is to start with the main floor. some slight modifications to layout. and if that goes well, maybe next year the front deck gets changed out as well. the boat is still in storage, so i can't measure. thanks for

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boat flooring alternatives - wood plastic composite decking boat flooring alternatives,posted in alternative pontoon boat flooring. teak decking for can anyone recommend an economical alternative to marine plywood?. online service waterproof plywood alternative - outside decking floor. qz diy decking; outdoor wall panels;

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the plywood bill was $1,500 to do the whole boat, all okoume and some meranti on the seat boxes and bulkheads. i charged $12,450, so the cost of the plywood for this project was 12% of the project. considering the plywood is what keeps your socks dry, a small investment in the overall big picture of this particular boat.

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that piece of plywood does not meet even the lowest construction grade, it is junk and should not be used on your house either. this is not a good example, you will find defects and out of tolerance issues with any manufactured item, be it marine plywood or alloy steel, if you look hard enough.

pvc foam board as an alternative to plywood

pvc foam board as an alternative to plywood. one modern material, that has received little or no attention for building a boat itself, is expanded pvc foam board. i use the stuff a lot for such items as tackle center casings and drawers, battery boxes, light weight doors and molding replacements that will either be painted or laminated.

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alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? discussion in 'boating and boat rigging' started by nittanydoug, mar 17, 2014. page 3 of 3 < prev 1 2 3 another things,boats have decks not floors. never ever seen a boat with a floor. bucket-back, mar 22, 2014. bucket-back, mar 22, 2014. mar 22, 2014 35 . bucket-back.

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plywood pontoon boat flooring. pontoon boats traditionally use plywood for the deck. harris specifically uses marine-grade plywood with a tongue and groove fit to ensure a watertight finish. while plywood works well for deck construction, it is not inherently the best option for a floor.

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hello i just installed new floors in my boat and used 3/4 marine plywood. the cost between marine plywood and a good quality non marine plywood is not much. i did a lot of research before i started and found that epoxy resin is worth the high cost, i used west system products.

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hi guys and girls it's been a while since i have been on ybw due to selling up for a big trip to australia, i've been back two months now and have already got myself a project boat. it's a 1995 thompson calea 1800, american boat i believe.. with a 135 merc inboard bought the boat for a very cheap price as it needs lots of work but i'm on the case anyway, i'm putting a complete new floor, all

alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck?

re: alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? this is just a reminder that boats are money pits even a cheap boat gets expensive real fast, my poor brother bought a bargain fishing boat for $2500 in june, and its been in and out of the shop for 6 months with engine work, hull work, trailer work, etc.

alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck?

re: alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? when me and my dad replaced the floor in our boat ,.. we just used regular wood with fiberglass over it ,.. i figure if water cant get through the glass then the wood will be ok ,.?

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does anyone have any experience with replacing the plywood floor of a tinny with a lighter and waterproof material. ive just been to the brissy boat show and saw a tinny with some kind of synthetic floor about the same thickness as ply but lighter.