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benefits of a patio cover include: enjoy the outdoors in the shade. beautiful place to sit and relax. protection against the elements. lifetime warranty. easy installation. 3x3 posts with sideplates. choice of color beachwood, driftwood, maplewood, pewter, rosewood, sandalwood and white.

patio cover cost- 10' x 20' $2,800 complete seven trust

patio cover cost- 10 x 20 $2,200 complete. if you are replacing an existing wood patio cover using alumawood materials which is an easy fix. using your existing concrete footings you can bolt new alumawood posts directly to the existing post area with alumawoods stainless steel anchors eliminating the need of concrete removal and full replacement.

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b. pavers. you may have to cut some pavers to finish an edge or a corner, though, and you may have to pay to have this done for you. maintenance is fairly simple, a broom for the dirt and leaves and a water hose for the rest. pavers should be sealed yearly and can fade naturally if left untreated.

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to estimate the amount of gravel and sand required you must find the ft2 of your patio and then find the volume necessary for a 4 layer of gravel and a 1 layer of sand. use our paver base calculator to estimate the amount of gravel and sand you need for the base of your paver project.


the cover will consist of either a ledger board attached to the exterior wall pending structural review or beams on the new patio slab leading to a 15' span away from the house to 6x6 posts on galvanized anchor brackets at the other end of the slab. the patio will be 30ft. wide and 15ft.

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alumawood lattice patio cover calculator. lattice patio enclosures are the way to go when you dont want to completely enclose an area within your back yard and still get a little sunlight light adjacent to a kitchen for example. first thing to remember with the lattice patio cover system is that you have options for the lattice shade bars themselves as well as the spacing of these lattice shade bars.

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well, it will not protect you from rain or snow, but yes, this narrow-slat pergola frame counts as a covered patio. perfect for the homeowner that enjoys basking in the sun's rays, the uncovered-covered-patio option will provide a little bit of shade while still allowing you to soak up lots of vitamin d.

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an aluminum louvered patio cover can extend the useful season of your outdoor living space by protecting your patio or deck from intense sunlight and/or rain.

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in areas with mild climates, patio roofs are generally designed for loads of 30 psf pounds per square foot . for heavy roofs or in areas with substantial snowfall or winds, call your local building department for code requirements. the tables below give maximum spans for rafters and beams. the figures are based on quality materials.

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patio cover buying guide. people enjoy entertaining or relaxing outdoors on their property. however, uncovered patios can present a problem because they are exposed to the elements. patio covers provide a solution to this problem. they protect you from sun and rain. they also provide atmosphere and a gathering place for friends.

can a 'slat' patio cover be converted to a solid cover

generally not easily - the 'slat' or pergola type is not designed to carry any weight other than the slats themselves and maybe a bit of planter or climbing vegetation load - whereas a solid roof means higher wind loading and probably snow loads as well as the weight of the solid cover, so it would have to be built a lot heavier.

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keep in mind that the angle of the sun changes from season to season, not just during the course of a day. roof height will also affect the degree of light that falls on your patio or deck. the higher the roof, the more diffused the light becomes. the lower the roof, the sharper the shadows it will cast on the ground.

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solar home designs - learn how a patio cover as a great outdoor room, and direct gain solar design, can also keep your home cool in the summer. solar home designs - patio covers. solar home designs that include passive solar heating and cooling are taking advantage of the most natural way to make use of renewable energy.

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they can be tiered in different levels, we can cut with curves or freeform, add square or round columns and piers, add lexan over the slats to let in light, but keep rain out. all alumawood materials have a embossed wood grain and a baked on paint finish, with your choice of 8 different colors.

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get the size. calculate the square footage of the roof you'll need, the width by the length to get a base to start your pricing. that will tell you how much material you need, whether you choose fabric, vinyl panels or redwood slats. determine how much support you'll need, generally a post on each corner and about every eight feet in between,

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there are three methods used in passive solar home designs - direct gain, indirect gain, and isolated gain. adding a patio cover to your home is an easy way to take advantage of the direct gain method of solar home design. the direct-gain system. the direct-gain system is the most common type of passive solar design.

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architectural pergola ends also available. with new technology in vinyl building products, we have the answer to your patio cover needs. each patio cover is custom built to your home and is virtually maintenance free. so now you can enjoy your vinyl patio cover or custom gazebo. choose from open air slats or lattice to create a shelter