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4 of the best alternatives to timber decking case

typically made from a combination of materials namely wood and plastic this timber alternative requires less upkeep. theres no need to regularly stain or treat youre a wood composite deck, which is an environmentally friendly lumber substitute.

alternatives to wood decks that are low maintenance

composite decking, plastic lumber, and aluminum decking are alternatives to wood decks that take away a lot of problems about maintenance and other decay and termite attack problems. wood decks require a lot of maintenance which is not the case with composite decking materials and plastic lumber for decking.

low cost alternatives to concrete patio hunker

although traditional wood patios usually are not cheaper than concrete ones, it is possible to use wood materials to create an informal patio that is both attractive and affordable. wood mulch is one of the easiest materials to work with and is readily available in a wide assortment of colors.

alternative deck ideas - garden decking patio ideas

why stone is a stylish alternative to decking in your garden. so if the deck's not working, why not go for the opposite end of the spectrum and consider stone? try something light, clean

deck and patio ideas - 12 that won't break the bank

1. pallet decks. pallets are a quick and easy way to create an artistic deck or patio. you can find pallets inexpensively through craigslist or by hunting around delivery docks at stores, and they are one of the most versatile diy materials there are.

7 alternatives to pressure treated decking - trustedpros

home articles decks 7 alternatives to pressure treated decking a deck means many things to many different people. it can mean a great place to spend the weekend and barbecue your favorite foods.

the 5 roofing alternatives you may not have considered

solar shingles offer an alternative to conventional rooftop solar panels, while also serving as a roofing material. while early versions of solar shingles and other solar roofing products used flexible 'thin-film' solar technology, today's solar shingles typically are made with rigid materials, such as tempered glass.

alternatives to lattice under deck or porch for deck

alternatives to lattice for deck skirting under a deck or porch. whatever the reason, you can be confident in knowing that there are many alternatives to lattice for deck skirting ideas. materials such as wood, vinyl, brick or stone can offer the same quality, value and moisture control as a lattice.

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woods are expensive but can give your deck a traditional, rustic or exquisite look. and many people love the solid look and feel of wood. alternative metal, pvc, metal and ropes are more creative and stylish ways and budget friendly options. among these the metal deck railings are most durable and low maintenance.

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cheaper alternatives to decks. cheap alternative to decking - outdoor deck board. cheap deck ideas design ideas, pictures, remodel, and decor alternative deck railing materials include anything that is not 100 percent wood .>> wood deck alternatives - deck, deck, porch and patio

10 viable wood decking alternatives

these artificial deck tiles come with 9 pieces of 1*1 inch interlocking grass deck tiles with a height of 1.5 inch pile. the grass is top quality, very durable with low maintenance. theres no need for fertilizers, pesticides or mowing. the grass deck tiles are thus able to provide beauty to your patio, rooftop, yard or deck.

how to build a cheap deck

preserve your deck. roller on wood preservative to the top of the sanded plywood. then, use an oil based stain over that. the sanded plywood will have an attractive grain showing once the stain is applied, but you'll have to roller on a wood preservative year after year to make this deck last.

seven trust or seven trust? the best wood alternative for your deck

according to seven trusts website, the approximate cost of upkeep for a wooden deck is more than $20k over 20 years. the cost of maintaining a composite or pvc deck over 20 years is less than $10k. wood absorbs moisture. over time, the absorption of water weakens the structure of the wood.