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updated jul 14, 2017 by nvmorale using our mtg deck builder. rb madness deck, centered in cheat hollow one at very low cost

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3 mono red 'hollow phoenix' feat. arclight phoenix, the new kid in town dec 2018 . this direction of the deck is very spell focused. phoenix is like an inverted vengevine, so they are totally not compatible with each other.

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as a result, the deck can fairly easily fold if the pieces of the vengevine plan don't come together, leaving you with an aggro deck that isn't fast enough to get the job done in time. hollow one is the first step in remedying this issue, giving you a sizable body on the cheap, easily costing one in this deck and often zero.

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vengevine is a perfect complement to hollow one.not only is it the best creature to discard and send to your graveyard, but youre planning to cast your cheap 4/4s afterwards. with so much potential to cast multiple creatures in a turn, returning your vengevines on the first or second turn is completely realistic

deck of the day: r/g vengevine modern - channelfireball

the big new addition to put vengevine on top is hollow one. hollow one is looking for a similar shell with lots of discard outlets so that you can get your 4/4s into play for cheap. when youre able to discard cards, you can get vengevines into the graveyard, and then you can cast hollow ones to get them back. all of these creatures have 4 power, so theyll end the game fast.

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just as hollow one established its credibility as a playable modern deck at pro tour rivals of ixalan, so too has vengevine demonstrated its capacity to run with the big dogs. as a result, one of the most interesting and engaging things to take place in competitive modern will shortly unfold before our very eyes in the coming weeks the streamlining and optimization of a new archetype.

modern hollow one discussion - aggro and tempo - established

what are peoples thoughts on 2-3 sb seasoned pyromancer vs control? 4 power, 3 mana, loot 2 2 power and draw 2 it look like a strong possibility in the bte and vengevine builds also what are peoples thoughts on fists of flame? as turn 2 hollow one, angler or adept, turn three cast this then inquiry, and your swinging with a 9/x trample.

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vengevine is similar to hollow one. both are free four-power creatures that demand a particular set of tools to get the mana discount. since the printing of insolent neonate, players have attempted to solve the vengevine puzzle, but the decks have been fragile. as a result, vengevine decks have seen fringe play.

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we have collected the top gr vengevine modern decks from the latest tournaments. gr vengevine is also known as hollow one, hollowine or deck .it current price is around 705$.

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this is an aggressive combo deck, with one-drops like goblin guide and monastery swiftspear to make sure that once vengevine is put into the graveyard it is easy to bring back. the nut draw is starting on faithless looting, discarding vengevine, then cycling street wraith, which enables casting hollow one on turn one, and if you have two hollow

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the payoff of getting a 3cmc 3/4 flyer, plus all hollow one's are free, bringing back vengevines if you can land even one hollow one off the trademage, and then convoking your t1-2 black creatures or bloodghasts, or even vengevine if necessary for a hogaak all t3 seems pretty nice.

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ever since the printing of insolent neonate, players have been trying to figure out the best vengevine deck in modern for a while now. the builds have varied wildly as players have tried out a ton of different shells for it. most versions started out playing hollow one, which seemed like an easy shoe-in because the versions played a lot of looting effects.

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flameblade adept also ended up being a very explosive option, and a cheap one. it checks all the boxes we need it to. it feeds off of our sorceries, shaman, rampager, and street wraith plays, so when it is a good option so is hollow one, which means the deck is going in more of the same direction.