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this article features detailed instructions for building an outdoor picnic shelter using 6×6 lumber for the structure and 2×6 beams for the rafters. check out part 2 of the project to learn how to frame the roof for the pavilion. take a look over the rest of our woodworking plans, if you want to get more building inspiration.

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local building codes vary greatly from state to state and region to region. we will work with you and your local municipal district to ensure all aspects of your outdoor pavilion meets safety and building code. we can provide engineer stamped drawings and work with your local authorities.

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32 fabulous backyard pavilion ideas. but what are the pros and cons of building a pavilion? pros. shelter if you need to keep the rain off of your barbecue or to have a retreat from the sun for your pool party, a pavilion will serve you well. pavilions provide great coverage with minimal impact on space. two picnic benches sit under

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building the roof of the picnic shelter is a straight-forward process, but you need to pay attention to several aspects, in order to prevent the wood from splitting. cut the bottom rafters out of 2×6 lumber, making sure you cut both ends at 30 degrees.

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romtec shelters and pavilions are all designed in-house to meet the exact needs of each project in all 50 states. small shelters and pavilions can be prefabricated and delivered to your site, on larger pavilions some aspects of the structure like gables can be prefabricated then delivered to the site ready to be installed by a contractor.

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currently, the average cost of building a shelter to the dimensions mentioned above begins at roughly $1,400. this structure will not provide much resale value unless built to very high standards and would usually hold an approximate return on investment of around 30% .