indian import tax for used goods

confused about online sales taxes? you're not alone - cnet

confused about online sales taxes? you're not alone. are you doing some shopping online this holiday season and wondering why you're getting charged sales tax and your sister in another state isn't?

india - import tariffs

it is also worth noting that the excise authorities use hs codes for classifying goods to levy excise duty (manufacturing taxes) on goods produced in india. how customs duty is calculated all goods imported into india are subject to duty. there are several factors that go into calculating customs duty, including: basic customs duty (bcd)

india and turkey react as trump has us end zero-tariff

trump's decision to end tax-free program for imports will see tariffs come into effect, bringing a mix of anger and resignation turkey imported $20.9 billion in goods under the tax-free scheme

import tax in india - maps of india

know what is the import tax levied on goods that are imported in india and the procedure to file it. also know the difference between the various types of import taxes namely basic import taxes, true countervailing taxes, additional customs taxes, and anti-dumping duty.

trump boosting u.s. tariffs on $550 billion in chinese imports

the president said u.s. tariffs on $250 billion in chinese imports will increase from 25% to 30% on october 1. an additional $300 billion in chinese goods will be taxed at 15%, instead of 10%

custom duty in india - check types, rate & calculation

custom duty in india: custom duty in india is defined under the customs act, 1962 and enables the government to levy duty on exports and imports, prohibit export and import of goods, procedures for importing/exporting and offences, penalties etc. all matters related to custom duty fall under the central board of excise & customs (cbec).

customs duty tariff chart for importing items in india

you have to pay taxes, also known as customs duty, for importing mobile phones, electronics and other goods from a foreign country into india. these import taxes are payable at the port of entry (like the airport), the courier companies would often pay these on your behalf and will release the goods to you upon the full repayment of these

2019 guide: duty free allowances for indian citizens

indian citizens who are staying / working abroad on a visa or foreign citizens of indian origin are entitled to certain duty-free allowances while travelling to india. however, duty free baggage allowance rules may vary based on the country of residence, duration of stay abroad and duration of stay in india and a few other factors. below are the items that are restricted in nature with their

mexican import tax proposed by white house to pay for wall

white house spokesman sean spicer said thursday president trump is proposing a 20 percent tax on imports, particularly on products and services from mexico, so that revenues could be used to pay