should i build pergola with 2x8 or 2x10

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the ledger is typically a 2x8 or 2x10, depending on the size of the deck. when the ledger becomes detached from the building, the deck tips outward and collapses. you should always find a

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building pergola with two rows of 3 posts. i'd have 2x10 beams mounted on the posts supporting the 2x8 rafters, but i'm curious how far apart i can push my rows of beams. ideally i would love to have them 13' apart with the rafters cantilevered 18" on either end but i'm worried i will have sag.

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i am building myself a pergola. it will have 6x6 posts, 2x8 beams bolted to each side of the posts spanning approx. 17 ft. across the back patio. 2x6 rafters every 12 inches will run atop the beams. it will be free standing anchored in concrete. the size will be approx 17 ft wide by 8 ft deep.

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