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drape the large canvas sheet over the boat, covering all top surfaces and overhanging past the lip of the deck by at least 6 inches. clamp the canvas to the sides of the boat to make it snug and secure for marking. ensure that the fabric is centered and even on all sides. with a fabric marker, mark areas of excess fabric to be taken in with darts.

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the big book of boat canvas: a complete guide to fabric

the big book of boat canvas is a thorough revision and updating of karen lipe's two popular earlier books, boat canvas cover to cover and more boat canvas, combined with a whole new section on below-decks sewing this latest volume lipe ranges well beyond the boundaries of traditional canvas work to create a comprehensive guide to fabric work on board.

canvas deck restoration

i can't help with removal of the old deck, but i replaced the canvas deck on a sailboat i restored using waterproof titebond ii as described in wooden boat vol. 208, and i'm very happy with the results. basically, you set the canvas in titebond thinned a bit with water and then paint the top with another coat or 2, to saturate the canvas.

canvas covered decks

canvas covered decks by: roy schreyer while the canvas is the authentic answer, i have used fiberglass cloth with epoxy to mimic the canvas look. simply do not saturate the fiber glass fully to leave some of the weave showing. paint and it will look like canvas.

blue boat on deck canvas art by zhen-huan lu icanvas

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re: canvas deck at the wooden boat museum in ny, all the old cc's had canvas decks somewhere and i think they looked really neat. if i was lucky enough to have a '56 cc to rebuild, i think i'd go with the old authentic, myself.

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go to the 'boatbuilding and repair' section and use the search utility to find threads on canvas decks. there is a huge volume of information and experience there. don't go to the 'misc. non-boat related' section unless you want to get involved in acrimonious, partisan, political mud-slinging.

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decks and their coverings for wooden boats.

wooden boat decks. the decks of wooden boats do much more than provide a platform for the crew. many small boats have traditionally been decked with tongue and groove planking which was then covered with painted canvas. this, if well done and maintained is an excellent no nonsense method.

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canvas deck covering

canvas covered wooden decks were very effective when the procedure was carried out properly. after removing old canvas, decks were scraped and sanded then a coat of smudge was applied, basically this was a very thick paint recovered from the bottom of the paint manufacturers mixing tanks and the consistency of treacle.

replacing deck canvas on a wooden single

replacing deck canvas on a wooden single. as a novice sculler in a fairly small club it falls to me to row in one of the older boats: a wooden raymond sims with douglas riggers. a fine boat when it was made but now, like me, it had seen better days. in particular the deck canvas had numerous tears in it, most of them repaired with gaffer

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houseboat canvas discussion and recommendations

our boat was 10 years old when we purchased it and the canvas was stored all rolled up in the boat. when we tried to put the canvas together the force required to zipper the canvas together was making the canvas split on the seams or causing the zippers to tear, so we had to leave parts of the canvas unattached and every time it rained we would

replacing canvas deck covering

after a couple of seasons suffering pesky leaks, i bit the bullet and recently replaced the canvas on on eider duck's decks. this is a waterproof covering over the pine tongue and groove cabin top. the previous owner had the decks re-canvassed in about '75. prior to that there had been some sort of trackmark or cascomite covering, but this was trapping water underneath.

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