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2 in. x 12 in. x 4 ft. cedar-tone pressure-treated wood step tread: composite anti-slip stair tread 48 in. grey step cover: composite anti-slip stair tread 48 in. beige step cover: 3-steps steel stair stringer black 7-1/2 in. x 10-1/4 in. includes 1 stair riser price

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ideally suited for almost any outdoor or indoor project including patio covers, decks, gardens, trim, paneling and more. alaskan yellow cedar lasts longer, stand up to the elements, and is harder than most commercial softwoods making it an ideal choice when strength and workability are desired.

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the alaskan yellow cedar grows along the pacific coast of north america from oregon up into canada and alaska. it likes moist climates, and thus it is only found along coastal areas. due to the colder temperatures and high rainfall of its local climate, yellow cedar grows very slowly with closely packed growth rings and very little distinction between early wood and late wood rings. this makes

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odor: alaskan yellow cedar has a distinct scent that is similar to seven trust potatoes. allergies/toxicity: although severe reactions are quite uncommon, alaskan yellow cedar has been reported to cause skin irritation. see the articles wood allergies and toxicity and wood dust safety for more information. pricing/availability: supply of this wood is

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yellow cedar is found only on the pacific coast of north america from alaska to southern oregon and is the hardest known cedar in the world. considered the crown jewel around boat builders, it has exceptional resistance to weather and insects. the various physical properties of yellow cedar make it an attractive material for general construction.

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alaskan yellow cedar also known as cypress the slow growing alaskan yellow cedar is a tough, solid tree and the hardest known cedar in the world, while also boasting exceptional longevity. due to its straight grain and yellow colour, yellow cedar wood is very valuable commercially.

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home products decking alaskan yellow cedar decking . for technical information on alaskan yellow cedar see this page, or the yellow cedar species page for more general info. rail and deck detail . yellow cedar deck . bear creek lumber 495 twisp winthrop eastside rd. / p.o. box 669 - winthrop, wa 98862 phone 800 597-7191 - fax 509 997

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douglas fir wood decking. douglas fir wood decking is slightly more expensive than cedar wood decking. douglas fir is found in western america, from alaska to california, and as far east as british columbia. it is a pale pinkish-brown to red-brown color, and has a tight, straight grain.

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zometek bamboo composite decking offered by cedar country lumber jan 16 by cedar country lumber made from 100% recycled content by mixing natural bamboo fiber and recycled plastics, along with additives to prevent mold and mildew, zometeks xbeam decking will provide years of service with minimal maintenance.

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despite its name, alaskan yellow cedar actually grows all along the pacific northwest coast, from southeast alaska to southern oregon. a relatively rare species, its highest concentrations are in southeast alaska and coastal oregon. the wood is uniformly yellow in color and offers excellent decay and insect resistance.

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alaska yellow cedar decking. incorporating a deck into your home is a great way to add value the home, increase your living space and to better your overall quality of life. alaskan yellow cedar is great for decking as it is easy to work with, has a pleasant aroma and is durable yet not hard and unyielding.

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western red cedar thuja plicata western red cedar is a medium- to large-sized rarely over 60 meters tall , evergreen, scale-leaved conifer. it is one of the most valuable conifers owing to the unique color, texture, and durability of its wood; it is also the provincial tree of b.c.

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because we are located in the heart of cedar country, the only place in the world western red cedar and alaskan yellow cedar are grown, we are able to offer superior quality cedar building materials with exceptional pricing. whatever you are looking for, if we don't stock it, we can find a mill to custom make it for you.

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rot-resistant lumber choices for deck framing deck or porch. rot decay resistant lumber choices for deck construction rot / decay stair tread nose specifications .the two most commonly used cedar types are western red cedar and alaska cedar, sometimes sold as alaska cypress. get-prices

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full 4 x 4 appearance grade alaskan yellow cedar. outperforms other lumber types including pressure treated for outdoor use, even buried in the ground. appearance grade means small tight knots and a fair amount of clear, knot free wood.

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what is amazing about alaskan yellow cedar is just about everything. it is the strongest of the cedars, exceptionally resistant to rot, insects and fungus, more so than pressure treated lumber, works very well with hand ant power tools, with creamy white to yellow grain and interesting brown tan and blue streaks for character.

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the alaskan yellow cedar grows along the pacific coast of north america from oregon up into canada and thrives in moist climates and it is only found along these coastal areas. yellow cedar grows slowly and in such a way that shows little distinction between early wood and late wood rings.