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what is the difference between solid color deck stain

solid color deck stain and paint contain similar compounds in different quantities. stain contains significantly less pigment than paint. pigment not only adds color to wood finishing product, but also blocks lights and prevents a wood deck from weathering. both deck paints and deck stains are available as oil-based and latex-based mixtures.

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semi-transparent stain allows the grain and character of the underlying wood to show through. solid stain looks more like paint; it's just thinner and doesn't obscure the texture of the wood as much. don't use solid stain on a deck or any surface you want to walk on because it's too thin and won't hold up.

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deck stain secret 2: prep new wood differently than old wood. cabot solid color oil decking stain the oil-based formulation of this product is a long-standing recommendation of mine, but tightening government regulations have restricted availability to the central states in the us. according to cabot their oil-based decking stain is no

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solid stain. the sad thing is that for the amount needed to paint our clubhouse, there was only a difference in price of less that $180 between the solid color stain and the best paint on the market. oh well, you can aim a hose into a persons mouth, but you cant make them swallow.

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solid color stain. these stains have been likened to a wood finish, rather than a stain, and that is a very accurate description. solid color stains are non-penetrating, meaning that they lay upon the surface of the wood rather than bonding with it. like topcoat finishes, this can lead to the wood becoming chipped and flaked. in addition, solid color stains do not usually contain an anti-fungal agent, and may not protect your wooden items against water as effectively as the penetrative stains.

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consumer reports is running long-term tests on more than 30 deck stains to see how well they hold up. dont waste your money: long-lasting deck stains. its the solid color deck, fence

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solid color stains provide a rich, opaque color that allows the texture of the wood to show. they accentuate the woods texture, are self-priming, and compared to other types of finishes, they provide a high amount of protection for your surface. olympic solid colors. elite and summit solid colors.

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solid color decking stains are ideal for use on most types of lumber including redwood, cypress, pine and fir, as well as pressure-treated wood. oil decking stains 1600 and 7600 are also excellent for mahogany, cambara, meranti, and other exotic wood species.