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in general, composite fence lumber is about equal in cost to that of redwood, the most expensive of all fencing woods. a fence of treated fir will run about a third of the price of a composite fence. however, compared to wood, a composite fence will never rot out and is likely to outlive the homeowner, with no special care or maintenance over the years.

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patio roof posts and beams. the main structural members of patio and deck overheads are posts or columns and beams, which run from post to post or from post to ledger. the beams support the roof rafters or joists, which in turn hold the roofing material. minimum sizes of posts and beams are set by engineering requirements and are strictly governed by local building codes.

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pasturepro composite fence posts. the main function of an electric fence line post is to support the electric fence wire, and it needs to have a means to insulate the electrified wire from the ground. 12 ½ gauge high-tensile wire has memory capability to maintain the initial tension. it will stretch up to approximately 2% of its length,

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special order product. newel posts are generally larger than the spindles or balusters in the rail and sometimes called a starting or termination post. it is an upright post that supports the handrail of a stair rail. on stairs having straight flights it is the principal post at the foot of the staircase, but it can also be used for

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quality fencing products. we have a variety of fencing materials in stock, including cedar, redwood, vinyl, and composite, as well as many sederra gates, z/posts, and steel posts. with j and w lumber as your partner, your fence will look great and retain its good looks for years. if playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.