pergola vs covered porch

pergolas vs patio covers

pergolas vs patio covers: what are the differences? pergolas and patio covers can help define a backyard space and provide shade for many years. the patio cover can be attached to a house or freestanding and provide protection from the rain and sun. a pergola often defines an outdoor space where it provides shade.

pergolas or patio covers: how to choose the right shade

todays pergolas are well-built, solid, and impressive structures that can include covers or retractable canopies to offer sun and rain protection. the benefits of a patio cover. patio covers extend a magnitude of benefits to homeowners.

differences between a gazebo, a pergola, and a porch

simply put, a pergola is a semi-open lattice thats held up by posts supporting cross-beams. they can be built to cover a sitting area, walkway, or an entire patio. pergolas are easy to identify because they look like a simple roof, yet theyre still partially open on top.

what is the difference between a porch and a veranda, a

what is the difference between a porch and a veranda, a gazebo and a pergola? thats not a portico. its a pergola a portico a small italian porch. porch. a porch is a covered shelter attached to the front of the entrance of a house or building in general. the structure is external to the walls of the building but it may be

a unique pergola and extended screened porch

this featured porch is a great example of why the porch company is so much more than a company that builds porches. when these belle meade homeowners originally came to us, they had a small, screened porch and a large, raised terrace. they wanted to extend their screened porch and add a shade feature over their terrace.

pergola vs gazebo

appearance. pergolas 1 were designed as an outdoor structure to define a specific area in the landscaping. for this reason, a pergola 1 is often rectangular with crossbeams and rafters across the top. it may be covered with fabric to create shade, have vines growing on the top, or it can be left open.pergolas 1 may link two structures or create a shady area with no defined or solid floor.

pergola or covered structure for your back yard?

one of the biggest differences between a covered patio or deck and a pergola is the way they are supported. a covered structure is actually installed as an extension of your home, connecting directly to the outdoor wall nearest the patio or deck you wish to cover. in comparison, a pergola doesnt attach to the house.