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however, composite decking has consistently improved in appearance over the past decades. now you can find long-wearing composite decking finished to look like real wood. that brings us to composites first major advantage over pvc. because it does contain wood pulp, composite decking looks more natural.

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pvc decking - seven trust . pvc synthetic decking is a seven trust low maintenance decking system engineered for maximum scratch, . xlm is 40 percent lighter than wood plastic composite planks, .

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pvc, the no-wood deck . pvc decking products are made from polyvinyl chloride, a man-made synthetic resin created through the polymerization of vinyl chloride. it contains absolutely no wood and is one of the most widely used plastics in the world. pvc decking is significantly lighter than other decking materials. pvc can be shaped for

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hollow-core pvc decking is generally lighter than solid wood and wood composites. contractors may appreciate this aspect of the product when building elevated or rooftop decks. however, hollow-core pvc decking is more subject to surface damage like gouging and denting than solid products.

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composite decking boards are lighter than wood and easy to transport, which can also make them easier to install. tongue and groove composite decking boards easily click into place, diminishing any worries over when your spacing between boards is even.

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but unlike composite, pvc is a solid cellular plastic.this means pvc is free of any wood ingredients. this makeup creates a non-porous and very dense decking material. with these attributes, pvc decking only requires minimal maintenance. it will not fade, warp, crack, splinter or stain. pvc is also very moisture friendly and is used heavily

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vekadeck, the reinforced cellular pvc deck board from veka innovations, has proven to be the alternative to wood and wood fiber/plastic composite decking materials. our patent pending pvc formulation is lighter than wood or composite materials but is highly impact resistant.

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doesn't really look like wood: some boards do a better job at mimicking wood than others, stiffer and almost 25 percent lighter than a solid board. end caps stop bugs from nesting inside. all about composite decking. image 27 of 27. read full caption get creative: artistic license.

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vinyl decking without wood pulpvirgin vinyl composite decking virgin vinyl decking seems durable and long lasting. one of our builders says he decides which composite is good by laying it on something solid, hanging a 3 corner off the edge and giving it a good whack with a hammer. if it shatters offdont use it.

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among the deck boards, the denser, heavier boards with wood/plastic cores are consistently cooler than all plastic boards. cap stock decking is cooler than all-pvc deck boards. cap stock has a composite core wood mixed with plastic. it is heavier than all-pvc but noticeably cooler roughly 20ยบ cooler . indeed, the warmest deck boards are

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endeck deck boards are made with proprietary compounds that give them a more uniform cell structure inside eliminating the voids commonly seen in competitive deck boards. endeck boards are strong, durable, engineered to resist sagging, and lighter in weight than composite, capped composite or most treated wood deck boards.

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composite decking is an alternative to all-wood decking, made of materials that can include recycled and new plastic, pvc, bamboo, and wood fibers. railing products are somewhat better regarded than the solid vinyl decking materials. this is a lighter-weight product than the other solid, compression-molded decking offered by several

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to clean off dirt or spilled food, simply hose off the boards or wash them with soap and water. mildew can be scrubbed off with a deck cleaner or detergent that contains bleach. plus, plastic decking can be thinner and lighter than wood or composite decking. the downside is that plastic lumber doesn't look much like wood.

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composite decking is more expensive than wood, but how much depends on the particular product. nonwood plastics are significantly more expensive than real wood, are lighter than the other composites, and typically don't contain any recycled content.

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because of its chemical composition, pvc decking is highly resistant to moisture, insects, dents, and even flames. although earlier iterations were often considered too 'plastic' in appearance, pvc has made major strides in improving aesthetics, with newer products offering a more natural, wood-like appearance.

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pvc decking is composed entirely of polyvinyl chloride pvc and contains no wood. pvc decking is a more expensive option in the decking industry, but it provides significant fade and stain resistance and lower maintenance requirements compared to other products.