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why water comes up through the basement floor - how to

when your basement is unfinished and there is water on the floor and no evidence of a leaking foundation crack or anything else in the foundation wall, what should you think? in fact, many homeowners report that they observed that water comes up through the basement floor, usually where the wall meets the floor. it is for this reason that many

how to repair leaks in a basement floor

leaks in the basement floors are a common problem in homes. whether the basement is finished or not, leaks in the floor can cause serious damage that can be costly if not repaired promptly. not only can moisture from these leaks ruin carpets and wallboards, but it can also promote the growth of mold

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you can fix these 4 irritating fridge problems yourself. whether it's lots of frost in the freezer, it runs all the time or the ice maker has stopped, you can fix all these fridge issues on your

how to fix a wet basement & get water out of a basement

if water is leaking into your basement low on the walls or at the seams where walls meet the floor, your problem is hydrostatic pressure pushing water up from the ground. first, check whether you have footing drains, underground pipes installed when the house was built to carry water away from the foundation.

water pressure tearing family’s home apart cbs denver

water pressure tearing family’s home apart. january 8, 2011 at 5:10 pm floors are also cracking from the upward pressure on their entire house. they believe there is a leaking water main

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your basement may not leak for the same reason as mine, but not all basement leaks can be fixed easily. when i tell people that our basement gets water, they ask where the water comes from and why

advice needed - drain pipe in my wall is leaking somewhere

i put a towel holder into a first floor bathroom and drilled right into the waste water pipe from the 2nd floor causing a leak into the basement ?????. was getting water in my basement running

why is the basement leaking from the floor? hunker

it may not feel lucky to enter your basement and find a patch of water on the floor, but it's better than having a subtle, slow leak that degrades over time. if you have water coming up from the basement floor, there can be all kinds of reasons it's happening and lots of solutions too.

aeon labs aeotec water sensor review: the aeotec water

samsung smartthings water leak sensor. to the edge of a sump pump well or open floor drain. but if you want to just set it under a sink or in a particular problem area of your basement, its