what if i build a pergola wothout a permit

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a person around the corner copped a $4000 fine and a criminal conviction for a retaining wall without a permit. we are building a deck out the back of our place and checked with council and if you build on any footings then you need a permit and the amount of cr p involved is a joke.

city of chicago when is a building permit not required?

a building permit is not required for the following construction or alteration work at any building: temporary tents and similar temporary structures, up to 400 square feet in area, that comply with all zoning and construction type setback requirements and are not less than 2 feet from all property lines and not less than 6 feet from all residential buildings and are erected for not more than 60 consecutive days

got letter from council about no permit

if so, then the technical term for this type of structure is called a 'verandah'. a pergola has no roof sheeting on at all so it's only frame for decorative only. a verandah will most likely require a permit, however, a 'pergola' does not require a permit 'if' it is no more than 20sq.mtrs in area, no more than 3.6 meters high.

buying and selling with no building permits

buying and selling with no building permits. discussion in 'the buying and selling process' started by kevin bb, 10th sep, the only questionable one is the pergola/patio is only 500mm off the fence line but i asked the builder to do that and checked with my neighbor etc and no one cared a bit dodgy i know . no building permits have been

do i really need a building permit? ask andy

the best part about going clean with local building code requirements is that youll get an experienced construction engineer to critique your work all for a relatively small fee in my town, ill pay a $60 permit fee to build a pergola .

discovering unpermitted construction when selling your

this means obtaining a permit after the construction has been completed, without knocking down the entire structure and starting from scratch. the city will likely require you to open up certain parts, but not all, of the construction and show that it was completed according to current building code.

5 tips you should not forget before you build a pergola

in return, you will receive a free pergola plan and also be enrolled to receive a 3 week pergola building e-course that will teach you everything to get you started on your own diy pergola project. if youve decided that you really want to add a pergola to your property, then your next step is to check out our guide to building a pergola in one weekend .

what does or does not require a permit

residential soffits replacement. screening existing covered patios, balconies, carports, lanais or porches with typical insect screening, which neither increases nor alters the footprint of the building. screen door replacement. asphalt or gravel driveways must be individually reviewed; may require a right-of-way permit .

code attorney building without a permit

while i cant give legal advice for specific cases, most building codes hold both the builder and the homeowner liable for violations of the building code such a performing work without a permit. even when there is a contract between the parties specifying who should get the permit, both remain responsible for making sure a permit is obtained.

consequences of building w/o a permit and getting caught

they have to inspect every phase of building, you recive purchase permits all through the process first inspection,second inspection and final. not all in a blanket either plumbing,electrical,hvac,roof and the actual framing and finishing.

diy deck part 4 : how to avoid getting a deck building

the method you choose determines if you need a permit or not applies to my local building code . then, i will show you the proper way to install simpsonstrongtie on joist hangers.

what are the consequences of building without a permit?

suppose someone decided to build a house without getting the required permits. what are the possible consequences? i'm not talking about slipshod workmanship, or ignoring safety of structure, fire, and sewage. i'm talking about doing good quality work that generally meets or exceeds code requirements, but without going through the 'proper