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medical pavilion is the second level of bioshock, after welcome to rapture. jack will be confronted here by the mad surgeon dr. steinman in an attempt to gain access to neptune's bounty. it is also here that jack will acquire adam and fight a big daddy for the first time. when founded, the

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full, quality and detailed walkthrough of the pc game "bioshock", level 2 - medical pavilion. the game played by me on hard difficulty in high graphic on every parameter.

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bioshock medical pavilion - bioshock guide. the door to the right of the circus of values vending machine is blocked by a disabled security bot. approach the bot, notice that "hack" is an available option.

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10.3)medical pavilion [ykc.119] audio diary = 19 power to the people = 0 little sister's locations = 2 when you get out of the bathysphere you will be in the reception of medical pavilion, if you go up to the reception desk you will see an audio diary [released today] on top of the desk and behind it is some dollars, then go to the vending

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so i picked up bioshock again last weekend because i'd been wanting to buy the collection. i finished the first mission, had to stop, then continued this afternoon. as i haven't picked the game up in a while, i took close to an hour going through the entirety of the medical pavillion.

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head through the newly opened door to exit the area. ##### 2c. medical pavilion ##### little sisters: 2 location: main hall of medical pavillion now we must find another route to neptune’s bounty and apparently there is an emergency access route within the medical pavilion.

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bioshock at ign: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies medical pavilion foyer . in the foyer ahead, look to the left for a door that's jammed by a small sentry bot. approach

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although this guide is only to finish the game, there may be times where i may lead you to a place you don't need to be, but you'll pick something up that will be helpful. you on your own should search everywhere, even if this guide doesn't ask you to. 3. explore everywhere! the great makers of bioshock didn't give you a map for no reason.

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but don't rush, you can search the area first. afterwards, head into door labeled medical pavilion. follow the path and the only open door you come across will close and a video of andrew ryan will play. atlas overrides the door behind you right before the splicers get to you. head through the door to load the new area, medical pavilion.