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a large, vigorous twining vine growing up to 25-30 feet. prefers a full sun location. produces fragrant, white flowers in may-june followed by small, green edible fruit that is produced without the need for both male and female plants.

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dont grow bush type varieties if you are growing it over the pergola. plant sweet peas in the sun and well-drained soil. grow sweet peas in warm zones in fall and winter. in temperate plant this fragrant vine in spring or summer. 15. bleeding heart

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its easy to start growing vines in zone 5 if you select cold hardy clematis. the cold-hardy variety of the kiwi vine is called arctic kiwi actinidia kolomikta . it survives in zone 5, and even down to zone 3. the large, beautiful leaves are variegated in pinks and whites. these vines grow over 10 feet tall, and do best grown on a trellis or fence.

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bignonia also known as cross vine and trumpet vine, bignonia is a breathtaking choice for pergolas. it has delicate bell-shaped flowers and is a fairly vigorous plant. it grows extremely well in usda zones 6 9 and tolerates moderate to mild frost. it can also grow in tropics as long as you give it shade from the afternoon sun.

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vines are great for growing over a structure for creating welcome shade in the hotter months, as well as providing sun protection and privacy from neighbours. they are relatively fast-growing, too. just plant them in a sunny position next to the uprights of your pergola etc, and let them twirl their tendrils sky high.

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each of these vines have different bloom times. there are white, pink and purple varieties to choose from. buy them at 3 to 5 years of age so they will be ready to bloom the first year you plant them. wisteria that are grown from cuttings will bloom the earliest. honeysuckle. honeysuckle lonicera is not a heavy vine, but it is fast growing and large.

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10 hardy vines you should know. it is best known for its large pink and white variegated leaves and is hardy to zone 3. this beauty will grow in many different situations from full sun to partial shade, fertile soil to dry, clay soil. arctic kiwi grows best on a lattice, trellis or fence and can reach over 10 feet tall.

perennial vines :

fast-growing perennial vines have an important place in a zone 5/6 garden setting since they are both decorative and functional. they are a great way to cover up the monotony of a large wall, hide an eyesore, frame a doorway or just add color and beauty to your garden vines dont always need to be grown vertically either.

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passionflower: native purple passionflower passiflora incarnata 5 is a fast-growing vine with attractive foliage. its blooms last throughout the summer. its blooms last throughout the summer. also called maypops, this passionflower variety produces edible fruit from july to october.

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5-campsis radicans trumpet vine their distinct colors attract hummingbird to the garden . the trumpet vine is perfect to grow on arches, pergola and trellis, as they are the best climbing plants and reach up to the height of 25 to 40 ft. the flowers need sunlight but the leaves can grow well in shade too.

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climbing hydrangea is a great option, if you live under the usda zones 5-8 and have a lot of room as this vine can grow up to 70 feet long. it is shade tolerant and thrives best in semi-shaded positions.

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the idea is to cool down your vertical space and provide shelter for you and nesting birds. hardy kiwi is hardy to zone 5. it makes a fast-growing annual is colder zones.

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trumpet creeper campsis radicans is a fast, strong grower that reaches 30 feet. it produces masses of orange, tubular flowers in summer and thrives in usda zones 5 through 9.

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moonflower is a fast-growing vine that provides quick shade for an arbor or pergola. its funnel-shaped flowers are fragrant. its funnel-shaped flowers are fragrant. continue to 12 of 16 below.

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5 of 13. wisteria wisteria sinensis wisteria is hardy and fast-growing, preferring moist, well-drained soil and sunny environs. it's at its best when it can climb up a wall, tree, or trellis, but it can also become very large as high as 66 feet .