can you use landscaping timbers to build privacy fence

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the fence is just a fenced-off area, do with the area inside the fence what you will. - plant some flowers. hybrid storage, maybe? this'll keep villagers from moving in on top of your hybrids! - put some cool patterns on the ground to add a need aesthetic touch! maybe a dance floor? - use it as an item exchange for when friends come over!

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has 3x3x8 with rounded edge treated landscape timbers on sale for $1.97 ea. are there any reasons i can't use them as fence posts? i like the slabbed off sides for putting fence planks on but i wonder if the green treating is sufficient for use when buried.

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3. vets - if your chicken gets sick, you don't take it to the vet, you replace it. 4. roosters - you can raise straight-run (not sex-sorted) chicks until you can tell which is which, and cook the cockrels. you generally can tell weeks before they start crowing. a normal person would never even consider the "expensive dna test" she's talking about.

can you use landscape timbers as fence posts - answers

if you are so inclined, you can buy the wood and posts and build your own wood fence panels to a particular style or design. you can also use chain link fencing, depending on zoning restrictions

can i use landscape timbers for fence posts? backyard

i want to build a 50x100 ft area to divide into breeder runs and a large "free range" area that will be use on alternate days. how long would the timbers last? 4x4x8's and 7 1/2ft t-post are $6.00 ea. and the timbers are 8ft. and will only run approx. $3.00 ea. so a huge cost savings but if they wont last then .

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landscaping timbers will work if they are treated timbers otherwise about 3 to 4 years and they rot and break off. if you can get 3 to 4" used metal pipe that really does the trick and last a lifetime. once they are in the ground and solid and you have your wire on them let them set for a year then paint them and they will look nice for years.

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carefully go down the mountain and get the crate in a small cave. if you can't find it, get one of the others. make your way towards the snowman or anywhere near. 2. jump on the small ice thing and jump again to where the fridge is. carefully hop onto the wires behind the fridge and use freeze when you have 2 seconds left. 3.

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for rounded landscape timbers about 3 inches thick, you'll need six courses to build a fence 3 feet high. make sure each section of fence has the same number of levels. things you will need