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the uk law concerning fences, walls and gates. there are lots of disputes over boundaries and their heights and so, if you can, always speak to the neighbour first if you are going to alter a boundary or grow something through it. i know its not always possible, but everything is so much easier if you get on with your neighbours.

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jiskefet slave to the hairy hikers. don't bank on it . a friend's neighbours put spikes on top of their fence, and my friend's cat negotiated them with no problems at all, but after more than a month, one of the spikes was suddenly bent, and the cat got a big abcess under his chin. so when he jumped down from the shed,

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fence spikes are a type of anti-climb security spike and whilst the name fence spike indicates that they are designed to be mounted on a fence typically along the top edge , they can often also be found fixed along the top of walls or fixed to building fascias.

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the law. there are just 3 reasons for erecting a fence. climbing on fences challenges all of those purposes. regardless of whether, as an act of disobedience, aggression, foolishness or expediency, all climbing should be deterred so the fence may function as intended.

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fence spikes can the seen as illegal? my next door neighbour has erected fence spikes made out of a hard plastic, my problem being that i have a cat which sometimes would use this adjoining fence to enter our garden.

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cactus deterrent spikes. cat deterrents for gardens are notorious for not working. the cactus deterrent spikes are different, the ultimate safe cat scarer. the sharp but harmless wall spikes are a discreet boundary protection system that repel cats and birds from your garden or yard.

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the idea is to stop people climbing over the fence, it may well have fallen over and anyone could land head first into a greenhouse. he managed to climb over and knew the strip was there, therefore the son is to blame and the fence owner is not liable in any way.

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bad advice. remind them it is your fence, and they will be responsible for any damage caused. let them know you will not assume any responsibility for damage to their property resulting from removing the spikes from your property.

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all types of cat spikes are legal as long as they dont harm the cat. specially designed, humane, plastic, blunt cat spikes are the safest. although the law does not say that adding metal pigeon spikes or barbed wire to a fence is illegal, these type of cat spikes may become illegal if a pet cat is injured as a result.

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the fence/spikes must not be easily accessible by accident from a public highway. the height is not clearly defined, but, it is governed by the location. i.e. a farmer putting barbed wire on a 3 fence between fields is fine, however a house owner putting spikes on a low fence, on a cut-through where kids pass to school is not deemed acceptable.

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stop climbing with maxguard fence and wall spike strips that guard against trespassers and nuisance animals from climbing over fences or walls by providing a strong visual and physical deterrent using a single row of 1-1/2 in. 3.9 cm high blunt tip metal spikes.

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it extended the duty of care to protect everyone, including thieves, who might come into contact with a hazard and that includes fence spikes or similar security on top of your perimeter wall as part of a security armoury for your premises. anti climb spikes law: how to protect yourself against the law

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what is the legality of putting up fence spikes to deter theft? none of the fences are shared by neighboring property. do i have to put notices up? am i at risk for getting sued if a would-be burglar hurts themselves on my fence?

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is there any law about putting things up with the express intention of harming animals? and if there isn't a law preventing this from happening and the fence is a jointly owned boundary fence does this mean that if the cats get harmed by the spikes then the neighbour who put up the 'offensive weapons' is liable to be sued for damages/vet fees?

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manufactured spikes. there are various types including systems with very long angled spikes designed for use around commercial or government buildings and a 15mm high plastic type designed specifically to sit on domestic garden walls and fences. ive seen the latter and i think it may be effective against the unprepared opportunist thief.

46 in. steel fence and wall spike strips - the seven trust

while sharp aggressive products such as barbed and razor wire are not typically allowed by homeowners associations and most municipal laws, fence and wall spike strips are specifically designed to comply with such rules, meaning no hassle for property owners but plenty of hassle for trespassers that may be tempted to climb over walls or fences around your yard.

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the aircraft section has a lot of jerks in it, as you are clearly seeing. your question is legitimate, but as others are pointing out, would not work. here's why: spike strips work on cars running from police because it takes away two things: traction and control.

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no idea on the law, but you need to be careful about what fences you put the strips on - find out if they are your fences or not - your neighbour might be unhappy if you start sticking stuff on top of their fence i know the rspca don't like them. this site might be useful as they have a forum: garden law advice on fences, trees and boundaries