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what is a gabled pergola? a gable is the triangular space at the end of a roof consisting of two sloping roof halves (see the picture for a more obvious explanation). on a house, these are typically load bearing structures but as pergolas are generally much lighter and don’t have load bearing walls to support, the gable is largely decorative.

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roofs provide different shading and colours to suit your style of verandah or pergola. then you can always go for the classic favorite, a tiled roof to match the styling of your house design. if you want open and breezy or if you need extra height, a pitched gable roof pergola design allows cool breeze in, while incorporating a shaded area to

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gable pergola systems. gable style pergola systems are most suitable for gable style homes where the pergola is bridging between two roof edges or extending off a gabled end roof to achieve an extended gable alfresco look. the gable style is a statement piece while adding a sense of space to your outdoor area.

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the roof of this pergola completely shuts off the light but you can avoid this by leaving enough space between the wood pieces. this pergola is attached to the house and has a gable roof. the posts are made of wood painted in blue. here’s a modern yet simplistic pergola design. the posts can be made of painted wood or steel to ensure

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