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1 gal. ready to use weed & grass killer. kills the root of bothersome weeds and grasses. works great around trees, shrubs, in flower beds, on patios and walkways, and you can even replant flowers, trees and shrubs in the same weekend.

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rural king is america's farm and home store. our product offering includes all types of farm supplies, clothing, housewares, tools, fencing, and more. landscaping - lawn, garden & patio - all departments

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america's farm and home supply center, located in the heartland of southern illinois; olney, mt. carmel, robinson, salem, highland and swansea, il.

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introduced in 1978, edg-king tm was the first true professional grade landscape edging. still oly-ola’s finest round top edging, edg-king tm features four horizontal grooves on its anchoring wall which eliminates frost heaving problems and helps keep the edging in the ground. you need not worry about kinking or the additional labor costs that go along with it.