ideas pergolas attached to house over patio

backyard pergola and gazebo design ideas diy

two pergolas flank the pool house to create a pair of outdoor rooms. the far pergola houses a casual living room. the second pergola includes a swinging bed hanging from the perlins. raised planting areas create a protected ambience and foster privacy in the pool zone.

pergola and patio cover ideas

pergolas are a freestanding structure usually placed within the landscape. they can cover a pathway and define the walking space, or can cover a patio or entertaining space outdoors. a pergola usually has open sides, and either a slatted or solid roof. patio covers are similar to pergolas, except they are attached to the house. this can be an advantage, because the patio cover can use the home for support and thus may cost less to build than a freestanding structure.

how to build a pergola attached to the house: instructions

pergolas provide shade and a place to hang potted plants over patios and decks. if you choose to attach your pergola to the house, it must be anchored to the house framing and not the trim, siding or fascia boards. since attaching a pergola to the house framing is a structural change, youll need a building permit in most cases.

build a patio pergola attached to the house

a pergola attached to the house was the perfect solution to create an outdoor dining and kitchen area. todays post shares the diy pergola build. we wanted to share our patio pergola project in september.

how to attach a patio roof to an existing house and 10

2 some steps on how to attach a patio roof to an existing house; 3 1. japanese style patio roof; 4 2. modern patio roof; 5 3. patio roof with sleek design; 6 4. outdoor pergola style; 7 5. metal patio roof; 8 6. full protection from the sun, snow, and rain; 9 7. canvas shade sail for patio roof; 10 8. stylish beige patio roof; 11 9. translucent fiberglass patio roof; 12 10. tempered glass patio roof