can you use a pergola indoors

i have a rough treated pine i think pergola that i would

application. timbercolour deck and exterior paint can be tinted to over 1,000 colours, so there are plenty of options. if youre unsure what material the pergola is made out of cabots timbercolour deck and exterior paint is suitable to be applied onto bricks, concrete, decking, exterior dressed timbers, fibre cement board, rough sawn timber.

thinking about overhead structures for your gas fire pit

we always recommend you hire a licensed professional to do the work for such applications. if you plan to add any kind of structure above your fire pit pergola, overhang, roof, shade screen -- be sure that your contractor understands the clearances required for gas fire features. one such contractor is two brothers brick paving. two brothers has experience in integrating overhead structures with fire pits, and understands the many variables that go into determining clearances btu output

how to plan for a pergola just destiny

to help items last longer, cover them up or bring them inside when they arent in use. pergola plants and greenery. when you plan your space make sure you plan for mature trees and plants. a pergola is a great space to train vines to climb up the sides and provide additional shade and beauty.

make your own outdoor pergola curtains

you can use plain cotton fabric by the yard, bedsheets, or even drop cloths from home improvement stores it just depends what dimensions you need and what the weather conditions are where you live maybe dont get a super sheer fabric if you have tons of rain and crazy wind all the time .

20 outdoor structures that bring the indoors out hgtv

the cedar pergola creates a ceiling above the sitting space, tying the cooking, lounging and walkway from the home together. prioritize your wants when planning an outdoor space, think about your lifestyle and how you'll use it whether as a recreational area for a young, active family or as a private, serene spot for relaxing and reading.

before you install a tv outside consider these 5 things

even though the tv is meant to stay outdoors, it is smart to reduce and avoid outside elements as much as you can to prolong the lifespan of your tv. choose an outdoor location for your tv that will provide the most protection from the elements, ideally under a pergola or gazebo.

10 ways to improve your garden with a pergola

the pergola is understated by nature, an empty frame to accent or support. it doesnt look like much on its own, but a garden without a pergola is like a room without a rug: something is missing but you cant quite put your finger on what.

outdoor wire or conduit that is the question

you can not run normal indoor nm cable in buried conduit. buried conduit is a wet location. you must run wet rated wire. you can not run thhn wire either. you must use thwn, although most wire is dual rated.

40 diy homemade structures to plant vines: trellis, arbor

40 diy homemade structures to plant vines: trellis, arbor, pergola. a trellis or other homemade structure to grow vines, vegetables or flowers can be a real showstopper in your garden. weve included classic, vintage, modern and contemporary styles in here. so youve got lots to choose from. so whether you want to grow fresh veggies or beautiful blooms, there is the perfect diy right here for you.

care and finish

hose down and wipe it down with a rag and bucket of water the old fashioned way. if you are cleaning a large pergola, you can use a soft brush also at first and then a rag. note: do not power wash your furniture or shade structure and do not use soap or chemicals. a rag and a bucket of water is all you need.

can you use indoor lighting fixtures outdoors? inside

indoor damp locations include bathrooms, indoor pools and utility rooms. outdoor damp locations include covered patios and covered porches that are fully protected from water, even during storms. ul listed for wet locations. only lighting marked suitable for wet locations can be used in wet locations, both indoors and outdoors.

designer confession: i use faux plants and here's why

there are a few things you can do to help your faux plant look less faux. a great trick is to re-pot the faux plant in a new container, and when you do, use real dirt. also, make sure to dust your plant regularly. i sometimes will even put one of those self-watering devices in the pot to throw people off.

how to build a pvc pergola

a pergola can be arched and ornate. it can be simple and elegant. pergolas might be built from bamboo or oak; they might be mortar or iron. a pvc pergola may be any shape that can be made from elbows and fittings, angled and straight. the easiest choice might have decorative rafters made from lengths of pvc pipe with an angle at each end. you can select a size that will use standard lengths and have the least amount of waste.

backyard pergola: add value and aesthetics to your home

you can situate the structure where the view is the most beautiful, so that you can enjoy the serenity and beauty while relaxing under your pergola. stay cool in the summer: while you can sit in the patio and enjoy the sun, sometimes the heat can be unbearable, driving you indoors.

tips for an outdoor kitchen diy

this high-end kitchen is covered for rain protection, can be cooled off with ceiling fans, and the glass patio doors can be fully opened to allow good weather into the indoors. bauccio outdoor kitchen

how to support climbing houseplants indoors

the soft shoots of climbing plants can be trained around the supports. depending on the structure of the support apparatus you use, you can shape the plant into an orb, a pyramid, or even a heart. if you want the shoots to have better hold, you can fasten them loosely with string to the support. how to support climbing houseplants indoors

your diy pergola makes everything even cooler: part 2

your diy pergola makes everything even cooler: part 2. once again, we used the 3 1/2 structural screw with the hex-head washer. to attach the knee braces to the pergola posts and crossbeams, we used a 1 1/2 forstner bit to bore holes for the structural screws and hex-head washers to be countersunk in the braces.

arcadia pergola alt's pergolas choose your outdoor

this is a high-quality, stylish, and practical solution to bringing the indoors outside. whether you have a patio, deck, front porch, or pavilion that youd like covered, were here for you. we can add an arcadia pergola onto an existing home, as a free-standing structure, or help design your outdoor living space during the homebuilding process.