what is better for a covered front porch

front porch average square footage cost

a 16 x 20 foot porch may require 6 to 9 footings which is equal to 2 cubic yards depending on depth and type of footing . beams, joists, decking: generally speaking, your porch foundation and flooring are similar to that of a deck. average cost of a 16 x 20 foot pressure-treated deck is approximately $11,000.

covering choices for concrete porch hunker

fortunately, you don't have to rip out your porch and build from scratch when you get tired of the look of concrete. there are various options for covering a concrete porch floor to give it an elegant, polished look and breathe new life in your home's exterior.

how do i choose the best concrete porch paint? with pictures

if you have an open-air porch, it will most likely get rained on. to prevent the surface from becoming dangerously slippery, you should consider using a slip-resistant concrete porch paint. these types of paints are mixed or covered with a coarse, gritty type of sand that provides traction.

favorite shade loving plants for the front porch

shade loving plants for the front porch. ive been growing plants on my front porch in a large container for years. theres nothing like a pretty planter full of flowers to greet your guests. the problem is that this area is covered, and shrouded from the sun by a large red maple tree.

what is the difference between a porch, balcony, veranda

a deck is a flat, usually roofless platform adjoining a house. decks are typically made of lumber and are elevated from the ground. it can include spaces for bbqing, dining as well as seating. decks are generally enclosed by a railing. in some cases, decks can also be covered by a canopy or pergola.

covering choices for concrete porch hunker

interlocking tile. interlocking tiles are one of the easiest ways to cover a concrete porch, so even inexperienced do-it-yourselfers can tackle the project. the tiles are available in a variety of styles and materials, including stone, wood and composite materials. however, unlike with traditional tile products,

choose the right type of paint every time - porch advice

why use it? it can cover up marks and color imperfections on the wall and creates the first bonding of paint to the surface, ensuring that your more expensive top coat of paint looks good and doesnt soak into the surface. most primers come in pure white, which is perfect for most top coat colors.

what kind of wood to use for a painted porch floor? home

composites and plywood. if your porch is enclosed, you might also consider covering the floor with plywood. when covered with two coats of floor paint, it provides a uniform, low-maintenance surface that stands up to indoor/outdoor foot traffic. if you use plywood, paint both sides, and provide a moisture barrier between the joists and the underside of the plywood.

durable wood for porch decking

fir or yellow pine will be better and historically accurate. the old flooring most likely was one of them. soft maple is a short term solution to a long term problem and a waste of time and money.

concrete vs. wood front porch home guides sf gate

the front porch is the first part of your home that guests see. because it's an extension of your home, it's a chance to create a favorable first impression, and it's also an opportunity to create

what are the differences between a balcony and a porch

most though not all porches are ground level on the front of the house or a wrap around porch from front to side. there are back porches but more often on the back you have a covered patio. balconies are above street level with no exit excep

improving the look of a concrete porch floor today's

8 comments on improving the look of a concrete porch floor. danny says, porcelain tile is an excellent choice for the exterior, providing you use the right adhesive. i would suggest you go to custom building products.com and look at their exterior adhesive products. youll find what you need.

50 porch ideas for every type of home - the spruce

like any outdoor room, a porch is a continuation of one's living space, whether it's extended in front as a welcoming refuge, in the back as a screened-in or covered way to experience the outdoors, or wrapping around the house, for an easy outdoor escape from any door.

porch vs. deck angie's list

a porch at a front or side door can shield you and your guests from inclement weather while you wait to get inside. it can also make the surface immediately outside the door more tidy, so guests or kids don't track mud or snow into your home. if you simply want to expand your enjoyment of the outdoors, a deck might better suit your purposes.

can i paint or put stone over an old concrete porch

putting stone or tile or brick over the concrete porch. adding a veneer over the porch can look great, but you need a mason whos good. someone who is willing to really look at the existing conditions and will tell you if its a bad idea. heres what i look for when someone asks me if they can veneer a front porch or stoop:

the best kind of tile to lay on an outdoor porch home

the best kind of tile to lay on an outdoor porch. porcelain tiles are fired under pressure during manufacturing. the refined clay and sand used to make them are fused together with higher temperatures than those used to produce other ceramics. that process makes the tiles more moisture resistant, allowing them to endure all types of weather conditions.

what's the difference between a patio and a porch?

unlike a porch, a patio can be attached to a structure or detached, and sometimes has a roof or pergola overhead. it is a much more versatile outdoor structure than a porch and is usually much larger. one of the most important considerations when building a patio is to create easy access to the indoor or outdoor kitchen if it will be used for dining. when planning, consider who will use the patio and what activities will take place.

21 best front porch flooring options: outdoor, covered

indoor/outdoor carpet. one of the most preferred choices of flooring for a covered porch is the carpet. the indoor or outdoor carpeting is known for its soft texture, which makes stepping on it more comfortable. furthermore, the carpet is well capable of absorbing noise, which makes them an ideal choice for your porch.

30 pretty porch ideas for the perfect at-home escape

covered front porch designs, as well as screened-in porches, allow for more variety in fabrics. this bohemian-inspired open porch features a mediterranean rug, leather pouf, wooden room divider, and macrame lighting for interesting texture.