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great pergola. my question is to make a pergola 16 x 11.5 feet would i have to use bigger post than 4×4s and can i use 2×8 for joist and 2×6 for the beams. there would be three 4×4s on the 11.5 feet side with six 18 feet joists to make the 16 feet. then use the many 13.5 foot beams to finish it off.

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on a standard 10 x 10 pergola we use about 8 purlins that is enough to space the boards out about 16 on center. once again you will also want to have a design on the end. we like to mimic whatever end design we used on the header boards so it matches the purlins.

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louvered wall panels. add on a louvered wall panel to any side of your breeze pergola. panels are easy to assemble. louvered panels are shipped in kit form and must be assembled on site. pieces must be ordered at time of pergola order and must ship with pergola.

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how to build a 12×16 pergola. fit the support beams to the top of the posts. use a spirit level to plumb the support beams and then clamp the beams into place tightly. drill pilot holes through the beams and through the posts. insert the 9 carriage bolts and then tighten the nuts.

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2 x 6 x 14 number will depend on size of pergola 2 x 2 x 14 number will depend on size of pergola w. how to build a pergola deciding on size. the first thing you will need to know is how large do you want your pergola. as i said we will work off a 10 x 10 example.

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pergola 12'x 10' backyard discovery step by step jon hughes. published on jun 16, 2017. super quality building a pergola and backyard face-lift 2017 - duration:

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the big kahuna 10×16 pergola kit comes standard with: double 2×8 beams. 2×8 mortised notched rafters. 6×6 mortised posts. 2×6 decorative angle braces. 2×2 top slats. stainless steel hardware. optional galvanized post mounting hardware.

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so check with your local council about the applicable building regulations. watch how to build a pergola now, then come in-store to mitre 10 for everything you need to get the job done.

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how to build a 16×16 pergola. dig 2-3 deep holes and 14 in diameter and then compact a layer of gravel to the bottom. fit the 12 tubes and set the 4×4 posts into place. use a spirit level to plumb the posts and then secure them into place with temporarily braces. pour the concrete in the tube forms and let it dry out for several days.